Enumeration Descriptors

Submitted on: 6/13/2018 3:52:45 AM
By: Nicholas Forystek  
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Compatibility: VB 3.0, VB 4.0 (16-bit), VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0
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     Outlines some enumerator descriptor word declarations of general overview to understand a few and differences in neat ways to mathematical represent more then is really going on with a single byte or so of memory.

				Option Explicit
Enum PowerOfTwo
AllNone = 0 'included if neither HiOrLow/256, and may represent default, or all/none when included shorts one on top side (256)
Entity1 = 1 'has the math system of divided by two or inclusion of unique combination there of predesessor in legendability
Couple2 = 2
Powers3 = 4
Entity4 = 8
Entity5 = 16
Entity6 = 32
Entity7 = 64
Entity8 = 128
HiOrLow = 256 'if neither a zero this is the top most to the bitwise pwoeroftwo descirptor as words of numebers to a byte size
End Enum
Enum TheLegend
AllNone = 0 'simply like a legend on map, value for label and sequential is the majoirity all possible uses expressed
Entity1 = 1 'the zero may be functional or a value itself (absent of rather then uniquely) as descriptor making 255 total..
Entity2 = 2 'reason of the zero is functional form in crossing into the other types of enumerators shown here that on behalf
Entity3 = 3 'also can act in similar variants to the formality of what the zero may or may not represent at default.
Entity4 = 4
Entity5 = 5
Entity6 = 6
Entity7 = 7
Entity8 = 8
'... so on
HiOrLow = 255
End Enum
Enum NegateList 'populates of a legend with a half size negation purpose to propose the one and negative one as multipliers
LowOrHi = -128 'may also be interest of the elements of the list accordingly the counting then can travel toggle direct
'... so on
Negate8 = -8 'this style negate is compatible with the poweroftwo in counter for one side being able determine other -2
Negate7 = -7
Negate6 = -6
Negate5 = -5
Negate4 = -4
Negate3 = -3
Negate2 = -2
Negate1 = -1
AllNone = 0
Entity1 = 1
Entity2 = 2
Entity3 = 3
Entity4 = 4
Entity5 = 5
Entity6 = 6
Entity7 = 7
Entity8 = 8
'... so on
HiOrLow = 128
End Enum
Enum DuelNegate 'expressly the same as above with a duel toggle, one of which is designated either on the positive or negative
Shifted = -127 'side of which would exlcude the 1st element and the hightest on the broad side, thus loosing total by two
'... so on
Negate7 = -8 'yet it gains with the second toggle the entire list twice opposed to just 1 modifier elelment like single negate
Negate6 = -7 'notice the negation of the positive side is all elements off by one on this side so in transit to the modifier
Negate5 = -6 'changes in coupled with the shift, which if present is a modifier proposed just the same, three states one entity
Negate4 = -5
Negate3 = -4
Negate2 = -3
Negate1 = -2
HiOrLow = -1
AllNone = 0
Entity1 = 1
Entity2 = 2
Entity3 = 3
Entity4 = 4
Entity5 = 5
Entity6 = 6
Entity7 = 7
Entity8 = 8
'... so on
LowOrHi = 127
End Enum
Enum NegAndABit
'abs(value) - element, or -abs(value) + element, and so on...
EntityB1 = 0
EntityB2 = -2
EntityC1 = 0
EntityC2 = 1
EntityA1 = 0
EntityA2 = 4
EntityA3 = -4
'creates a ABC or BC pattern of any to all combinations math...
'combinations below result of (abs(val)-(random number of 1 to 7)) or (-abs(val)+(random number of 1 to 7))
End Enum

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