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  Capitalize First Letter Of Each WordCapitalize First Letter Of Each WordVB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
37 since
6/20/2018 10:53:20 PM
       Capitalize First Letter Of Each Word In A Text Box With One Line Of Code.
  Specialist Bass 32 Band Graphic Equalizer (Updated)Specialist Bass 32 Band Graphic Equalizer (Updated)VB 6.0Beginner /
703 since
6/18/2018 6:38:38 PM
       Specialist Bass (19 Hz Sub-Sonic) 32 Band Graphic Equalizer, Based on the Begringer Ultra Graph Pro. Copy the FFmpeg EQ Strings. You need FFmpeg, FFprobe and FFplay in the project folder.Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Dart ScorekeeperDart ScorekeeperVB 6.0Intermediate /
Kenneth Foster
313 since
6/16/2018 5:01:56 PM
       Keeps dart score for 2 playersClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
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  Text File ConnectionText File ConnectionVB 6.0Intermediate /
vitor m
413 since
6/15/2018 5:40:31 PM
       'Connect and execute a SQL query in a CSV file 'USE: select [colums] from [name_of_file].csv [where] [order]
  ZorkZorkVB 6.0Advanced /
Ian Brooke
381 since
6/14/2018 11:48:34 PM
       This is my conversion of the original Fortran 77 game Zork which is an extended version of the Crowther/Woods Colossal Cave. This version has (I believe) all the Zork extensions such as the Dam, Balloon, Mirror Room, End Game etc. The VB code attempts to ...(description truncated)
  Enumeration DescriptorsEnumeration DescriptorsVB 3.0, VB 4.0 (16-bit), VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0Beginner /
Nicholas Forystek
475 since
6/13/2018 3:52:45 AM
       Outlines some enumerator descriptor word declarations of general overview to understand a few and differences in neat ways to mathematical represent more then is really going on with a single byte or so of memory.
  Start VB and paste text from the clipboard!Start VB and paste text from the clipboard!VB 5.0, VB 6.0Intermediate /
7974 since
6/12/2018 8:16:17 AM

By 7 Users
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       <blockquote> <tt> <br /> <font color="#330000"> <h2>         <u>ClipText 2.1</u></h2> ClipText was designed primarily to overcome a<br /> problem with the VB-Ide wiping the clipboard.<br /><br /> C ...(description truncated)
  Ambit Cipher [Final 2 - bug fix]Ambit Cipher [Final 2 - bug fix]VB 5.0, VB 6.0Advanced /
2066 since
6/10/2018 10:50:55 AM

By 1 Users

       Ambit Cipher - Fast 128-bit multi-pass stream cipher
  freebasic tutorfreebasic tutorVB 3.0Beginner /
743 since
6/6/2018 3:21:08 PM
       this is a tuturial of freebasic im made this tuturial hoping than microsoft buy it planet to ivan like it did to github to give a new live to planet
  windows sourcewindows sourceVB 3.0Beginner /
870 since
6/5/2018 7:45:04 PM
       windows 1.1 style source code back from 80s

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