Planet Source Code Is Alive!

I'm pleased to announce that after a two-week complete shutdown in June 2015 (that initially looked permanent), Planet source code is back!

Due to a technician's error, the storage for the virtual machines hosting the site uploads and database failed, and the backup was damaged beyond repair. Initially, I thought the site would have to shut down permanently... which was very sad after over 15 years of serving the programming community.

Fortunately, we figured out another solution. Over the last few weeks, I have reverse engineered the database from the source code, and also restored hundreds of thousands of lines of code by reverse engineering the planet source code CD. The site has been moved from a private cloud, to the Microsoft Azure cloud, which will be much better taking care of by its technicians. In addition, uploads and "Code of the Day" newsletters have also been restored.

My apologies that due to the data loss, you will have to:
  1. Re-create your account
  2. Re-sign up for the newsletter
Additionally, certain features are not yet online (like the planet source code CDs, And uploads). But these will be added soon.

I also want to thank everyone in the programming community for their kind emails during this troubling time. It's really gratifying to hear how much of a difference Planet Source Code has made in your lives. Once uploads are working, I ask that you please upload as much code as possible, to get us going again as quickly as possible. Thanks again.

Ian Ippolito: Creator of Planet Source Code