'************************************** ' Name: VB Batch Compile23-Oct-2016 ' Description:Compile multiple VB applic ' ations using a batch file. Removed redun ' dant code and updated documentation. ' By: Kenaso ' ' ' Inputs:None ' ' Returns:None ' 'Assumes:None ' 'Side Effects:None '************************************** @ECHO OFF CLS :: DOS Window caption TITLE "Compiling VB 6.0 Source Code" cls CD C:\ :: Initialize environment variables set FLDR= set VBIDE= set RPTFILE= echo. echo *************************************************** echoClose all active applications and press ENTER echo. echoPress CTRL+C to terminate this application echoPress ENTER to begin compiling echo *************************************************** echo. pause > nul cls set VBIDE="C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98\vb6.exe" set RPTFILE="C:\Kens Software\Cmpl_Rpt.txt" set FLDR="C:\Kens Software :: Create new report file echo VB Compile Report > %RPTFILE% echo %DATE% %TIME% >> %RPTFILE% echo ------------------------------------- >> %RPTFILE% :: Navigate to source code base folder C: CD %FLDR%" :: Use as many projects as you want. echo Compiling: C:\Kens Software\AnotherReboot\AnotherReboot.vbp %VBIDE% /make %FLDR%\AnotherReboot\AnotherReboot.vbp" /out %RPTFILE% echo Compiling: C:\Kens Software\API_Hash\API_Hash_Demo.vbg %VBIDE% /make %FLDR%\API_Hash\API_Hash_Demo.vbg" /out %RPTFILE% echo Compiling: C:\Kens Software\ASCII_Chart\Ascii_Chart.vbp %VBIDE% /make %FLDR%\ASCII_Chart\Ascii_Chart.vbp" /out %RPTFILE% echo Compiling: C:\Kens Software\CryptoAPI\CryptoAPI.vbg %VBIDE% /make %FLDR%\CryptoAPI\CryptoAPI_Group.vbg" /out %RPTFILE% :: Remove DLL debug files echo ************************************************* echo **Remove DLL debug files** echo ************************************************* del /S /Q %FLDR%\*.exp" del /S /Q %FLDR%\*.lib" del /S /Q %FLDR%\*.obj" echo ************************************************* echo. >> %RPTFILE% echo ------------------------------------- >> %RPTFILE% echo End of report >> %RPTFILE% CD C:\ echo. echo **************************************** echo Finished performing compiles echo. echo Press any key to continue echo **************************************** echo. pause > nul goto done :done :: Free environment variables set FLDR= set VBIDE= set RPTFILE= CD C:\ cls