//************************************** // Name: Logging IP's // Description:This is basically an IP-logger, which keeps a record of if a person with that ip has been there before. This is great for counters which will prevent refresh-increasing the count. Just place the counter-events witin the correct function. The Welcome-part and not the Welcome back. // By: Klaus Andersen (from psc cd) // // // Inputs:None // // Returns:The main function returns true and false, depending on if the curren ip of the browser is in the file. // //Assumes:Basic php knowledge. But clip and paste will work just as good. // //Side Effects:There might be bugs, I havent tested it enough, if there is a flaw please post a reply. //************************************** <?php if (!$filename) { //check if it is in the dir $filename = "default.txt"; //the default file if (file_exists("$filename")) { //echo "The file exists.<br>"; //early experiments } else { $fp = fopen($filename,"a+"); fputs($fp,"999.555.444.21\n"); //999.555.444.21 //just so that there is something in the file //at the beginning fclose($fp); } } //the main code function ticker($filename,$remoted,$mode,$stuff) { $fp = fopen("checklist.txt","w+"); $filename2 = "checklist.txt"; //the checklist //is just a base of comparison // i found that comparing $REMOTE_ADDR and the // other file had some flaws // so writing a new one worked best with the // same content, it was probably because of the // linefeed character fputs($fp,"$remoted\n"); fclose($fp); $check_var = 0; $inlines = file($filename2); $inline = file($filename); $number_of_lines = count($inline); for($x = 0; $x <= $number_of_lines ;$x++){ echo "$inlines[0]"; echo "<br>$inline[$x]"; if ($inlines[0] == $inline[$x]) { $check_var = 1; } } return $check_var; } if (!ticker($filename,$REMOTE_ADDR,null,null)) { $fp = fopen($filename,"a+"); fputs($fp,"$REMOTE_ADDR\n"); fclose($fp); echo "WELCOME FFS!"; } else { echo "WELCOME BACK FFS!"; } ?>