//************************************** //HTML for :JavaScript Tab Menu Object //************************************** Source Code Include the tab object's skin (style sheet) file "whichtabs.css" and the script file "whichtabs.js" in the header section of your html file. <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="whichtabs.css"> &lt;script language="JavaScript" scr="whichtabs.js"></script> The source code for this demo is as follows: &lt;script> var g = new WhichTabs(350,250); g.addTab("Image URL","papa.jpg",3); g.addTab("InLine HTML","<b>HTML</b> and text can be inserted"); g.addTab("Inner HTML", el("myDiv").innerHTML ); //Another elements content g.addTab("External File","http://www.yahoo.com",2); g.build(); </script>