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Submitted on: 2/11/2017 3:16:05 PM
By: tim 
Level: Beginner
User Rating: Unrated
Compatibility: VB.NET
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     This project, application developed in VB 6.0 / scans a given textual string in 32 pen on paper possible combinations-horizontal, vertical, diagonal, reverse, join top, join bottom. As given below, first 14 results appear crucial, others possible too are placed below it. Useful for decoding works, dongles & other security related approval works of programmers. Do not believe in on error resume next, have read none of OS could ever work w/o such an approach, which is not a good news, load them all on one database & all the youngsters will make sure no on error resume next is ever required. Proves maturity of maths “developed” is far far away for our times, hence is plain algorithm not efficient, best, fastest in any respects (will consume time which cannot afford for such technical work). For non-english unicode languages strreverse can be replaced with better function which handles pairs, symbols of unicode languages. Caution : making ss boolean = false or NEGATIVE on right will collapse this logic & complete failure chaotic results will arrive. Apart from parse function of words no external function is required, no api, no dependencies of dlls or any cyber security tools required. Maths, logic may remain the same whatever programming language is used, so adapting it for existing 200 programming languages should be a simpler ask, secondary to initial efforts or energy spent in developing it. Fairly easy remedy -does not require a rocket science knowledge, let me know if you any technical addition or remark to
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