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By: Jason Myerscough (from psc cd)  
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Compatibility: Delphi 7, Delphi 6, Delphi 5
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     This is a break down tutorial explaining how to open and close the Cd rom.

				The program is too short to upload so i thought it would be better to create a tutorial :P

Before you can make the CD open or close you have to add MMSYSTEM to the uses section of the code. The function used to open the CD is MciSendString; The function takes for arguments which are: lpszCommand: This command is need to tell the function what to do lpszReturnString: This holds the string returned by the command cchReturn: The size argument is the size of the return string. hwndCallback: is the window that called texecuted the command ie the form. Since we dont want the function to return anything we want it to perform a task we set "lpszReturnString" to nil and "cchReturn" to 0 The command to open the CD is "Set CDAudio Door Open" The command to close the CD is the same apart from you change 'Open' to 'Closed'

Open/close CD
MciSendString('Set CDAudio Door Open', nil, 0, form1.Handle);
MciSendString('Set CDAudio Door Closed', nil, 0, form1.Handle);
Rate The tutorial, if not for the content then for the se of html tables :D - MyerSoft site comming soon

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