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school Management system

Submitted on: 2/3/2016 12:28:27 PM
By: Vaibhav Patidar  
Level: Advanced
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Compatibility: C#
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     Requirement : Visual Studio 2010 (Sql Server 2008) and SAP's Crystal Report for Visual Studio 2010 Its have multiple views for three different-different users : Manual Users Control : All the users will be control by admin ...admin can give all rights to other users manually. 1.Admin can perform all transactions. 2.Librarian (Book Issue and Book Return) 3.Accounts officer can perform transactions. Main Features are: 1:Master Entries : Class Entry Section Entry Student Entry Book Entry Book Suppliers Entry Fee Entry Transportation Entry Department Entry Hostel Entry Fee Category Hostellers Entry Bus Holders Entry Events Entry Scholarships Entry Registration Employee Entry Subject Entry Marks Entry Exams Entry 2:Accounts Module Salary Payment Class Fees Payment Bus Fee Payment Scholarship Payment Hostel Fees Payment 3 :Transportation Module Bus Holders Bus Fee Payment Reports 4 :Hostel Module Hostellers Hostel Fee Payment Reports 5: Library Module Book Entry Book Issue Book Return(Automatically fine will be added after due date) 6: Examination Module Subject Entry Exams Entry Marks Entry Scorecard Reports Scorecard Records 7:Events Management 8: Reports (Using Crystal Report) Bus Holders Report Hostellers Report Class Fees Payment Report Scholarship Payment Report Hostel Fees Payment Report Bus Fees Payment Report Salary Report Student Marks Report 9:Advance Record Searching : Student Records Employee Records Transportation Records Hostellers Records Books Records Books Issue Records Book Return Records Class Fee Payment Records Salary Payment Records Scholarship Payment Records Hostel Fee Payment Records Marks Records Event Records etc. 10:Other Features : SMS Feature Email Feature Advance User Rights Management System Logs maintain facility (Admin Can View the all changes or transaction of system ) Database Backup option(Admin can create database backup) Database Recovery option(Admin can Recover database) Change Password Password Recovery Advance Records Searching Advance Reports Login Information: For Admin: User Type - Admin User Name - admin Password - 12345 For Librarian: User Type - Librarian User Name - Librarian Password - 12345 For Account Officer: User Type - Account Officer User Name - Account Officer Password - 12345 contact me for student's projects/professional software development. : My WhatsApp Number : +918349102353 Contact number :+918349102353 "Please LIke and Share It "

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2/5/2016 5:13:49 AMchandravadan

where is database ?
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4/28/2016 12:51:24 PMmedian albadawi

where is the database ? please
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