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     This article is back Again !! Due to some specific reason[Person]..I removed it purposely.But till then everyday i had to deal with 15/20 pals of PSC for the article and requesting to resubmit it again.So it's here again.Enjoy.

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				I know this tutorial shouldn't be here actually! But I found a lot of my friends here wondering about what to modify in the windows registry for FUNNY reason/GOOD outcome. You will find a lot of tutorials/Programmings on how to edit the registry values in windows in PSC.So Iam just helping you out on what values you should work on for the FUNNY/GOOD reason for your PC. I have windows 98 Iam sorry for others who use other first of all it's dangerous to modify registry and Iam not sure about the values & keys of other OS platforms.Though Windows 98 users can safely use this tricks on their PC..others first understand the things that Iam going to say..and then try to modify it.
First READ the followings:
1) Back up your registry.
2) Read carefully before proceeding.
3) To remove searching pain use the "Find" command in regedit.
4) You will have to restart the PC for some effects to take place.
5) Click Start->Run->(type)regedit
6) Still anything goes wrong from here...write down these lines in a pad:
 Restoring Your Registry:
To restore the registry from the previous day's backup:
 Hold down the CTRL key as you restart your computer. 
On the Startup menu, select Safe mode command prompt only. 
 When you are prompted, select Previous Day's Registry. 
Note: If you restore a previous registry, you may need to reinstall any programs that were installed after the registry backup was made.
Now do the followings as you wish :
1) Change the Recycle Bin Name:
 * click the Edit->Find->(type)recycle bin.
** On the Right Pane window change the string value "Recycle Bin" with any name (withoutquotations).
2) Change settings on start menu:[Requires System Restart]
 First go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
 Then to hide options from start menu are as follows:
 + To clear the Favorites Menu: Create a DWORD value on the right pane and name it to"NoFavoritesMenu" (without quotations) and give the value data 1. 
 ++ To clear the Log Off Menu: Create a DWORD value on the right pane and name it to "NoLogOff" (without quotations) and give the value data 1. 
+++ To clear the Documents Menu: Create a DWORD value on the right pane and name it to"NoRecentDocsMenu" (without quotations) and give the value data 1. 
3) Keep Your Friends/Foes away/stop scratching your machine: [Requires System Restart]
 For this you will have to HIDE the DRIVES ! Hiding Files/Folders is common. But this is "SOME"trick !!
 Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
 Here create a DWORD value on the right pane & name it to "NoDrives" (without quotations) andgive it a value data of 3ffffff {Note : 6 f's !!}
Although you will be able to view Drive C: from windows explorer! But..Keep it a secret !!
4) To Delete the Short Cut arrows from the Desktop Icons:
 * Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\piffile. Delete the value IsShortcut "".
** Then go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile. Delete the value IsShortcut "".
5) Change the AM / PM of the System Clock: [Requires System Restart]
 For this Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International.
 Here, Create 2 String Values - s1159 & s2359 and type any value data for these.[But keep it short,say 8 letters]
6) Pop Up a banner each time Windows will start:[Requires System Restart]
For this first go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
Here create 2 string values [on the right pane window] - 
 * LegalNoticeCaption - Your message Heading Goes here. [Say..Welcome]
** LegalNoticeText - Your message goes here. [Say..Don't Fuss with my machine !]
7) Creating 3D Window Effect: [Requires System Restart]
You can create a nice 3D effect for your windows
For this go to : HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Colors 
Modify the following settings [If already not set]: 
ButtonHilight=128 128 128 
ButtonShadow=255 255 255 
8) Having your Favorites and Start Menus Sort Alphabetically:[Requires System Restart]
If your Start Menu Program or Favorites are not sorting alphabetically, it is easy to fix this:
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/MenuOrder 
Under here is are Favorites and Start Menu folders 
In each there is a value called Order 
Simply delete (or rename this) and restart Winodws 
Your Favorites or Start Menus should now sort alphabetically 
9) Increasing the Icon Cache:
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer 
Create a new string called Max Cached Icons 
Give it a value of 10000 
This will increase response time in windows and give the Shellicon cache file more elbow room. 
10) Making Desktop Changes Permanent:
To make changes to the Desktop like window size, positon after rebooting:
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer 
Create a New Binary Value 
Name it NoSaveSettings 
Give it a value of 01 00 00 00 
11) To speed up the Start Menu:[Requires System Restart]
Start the REGEDIT program 
Search for the word desktop 
This should be in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT / CLSID / {00021400... 
Right Click on the right panel 
Pick NEW / String Value. 
Name it MenuShowDelay, all one word. 
Select a value from 1-10, 1 being the fastest. 
12) To remove options from Control Panel & right clicking mouse pointer:
 Be Carefull with this one! You will have to create Keys on both left & right pane window. Soapproach very carefully !! 
First go to: 
Here you can create new subkeys other than the already existing Explorer key. Now create a new key and name it System. Under this new key, system, we can create the following new DWORD values(1 for enabling the particular option and 0 for disabling the particular option):
NODispCPL: Hides Control Panel
NoDispBackgroundPage: Hides Background page.
NoDispScrsavPage: Hides Screen Saver Page
NoDispAppearancePage: Hides Appearance Page
NoDispSettingsPage: Hides Settings Page
NoSecCPL: Disables Password Control Panel
NoPwdPage: Hides Password Change Page
NoAdminPaqe: Hides Remote Administration Page
NoProfilePage: Hides User Profiles Page
NoDevMgrPage: Hides Device Manager Page
NoConfigPage: Hides Hardware Profiles Page
NoFileSysPage: Hides File System Button
NoVirtMemPage: Hides Virtual Memory Button 
Again you can create new subkeys other than the already existing Explorer & System key. Now create a new key and name it Network. Under this new key, network, we can create the following new DWORD values(1 for enabling the particular option and 0 for disabling the particular option):
In the Network key you can enter: 
NoNetSetup - Disable the Network Control Panel 
NoNetSetupIDPage - Hide Identification Page 
NoNetSetupSecurityPage - Hide Access Control Page 
NoFileSharingControl - Disable File Sharing Controls 
NoPrintSharing - Disable Print Sharing Controls 
Once again you can create new subkeys other than the already existing Explorer,System,Network key. Now create a new key and name it WinOldApp. Under this new key we can create the following new DWORD values(1 for enabling the particular option and 0 for disabling the particular option):
In the WinOldApp key you can enter: 
Disabled - Disable MS-DOS Prompt 
NoRealMode - Disables Single-Mode MS-DOS 
13) Multiple Columns For the Start Menu:[Requires System Restart]
To make Windows use multiple Start Menu Columns instead of a single scrolling column, like Windows 95 had:
 Go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
 Create a string value "StartMenuScrollPrograms" 
 Right click the new string value and select modify
 Set the value to "FALSE"
14) Automatic Screen Refresh:[Requires System Restart]
When you make changes to your file system and use Explorer, the changes are not usually displayed until you press the F5 key 
To refresh automatically: 
 * Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Update
** Set the value name "UpdateMode" to 1 
15) Disable Password Caching:[Requires System Restart]
To disable password caching, which allows for the single Network login and eliminates the secondary Windows logon screen. Either use the same password or:
 * Go to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Network 
** Add a Dword value "DisablePwdCaching" and set the value to 1.
16) Disabling My Computer:
In areas where you are trying to restrict what users can do on the computer, it might be beneficial to disable the ability to click on My Computer and have access to the drives, control panel etc. 
To disable this: 
 Search for 20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D 
 This should bring you to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID section 
 Delete the entire section. 
Now when you click on My Computer, nothing will happen. 
NOTE : You might want to export this section to a Registry file before deleting it just in case you want to enable it again. 
17) Protection on system files:
To enable protection on system files such as the KnownDLLs list, add the following value:
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager
Create the a Dword value and name it "ProtectionMode" {without quotations}
Set the Value to 1.
Iam writing this tutorial for windows 98 only. Others plz contact your vendor.
Now some of us may have an OLD PC to fight with! To Fix this problem you will have to undergo a whole lot of things!
A] Do you have the CD of your OS ?
B] Do you have the CD of your MOTHERBOARD ?
C] Do you have the CD's of your PRINTER,MODEM {if any} ?
D] Do you have the Software CD's ? e.g. MS OFFICE,VISUAL STUDIO etc.
If the answer of these questions are NO...DO NOT DARE TO MODIFY THE FOLLOWINGS !! But call your manufacturer for these followings:[Copy the entire points in a notebook or take a printout].
1) Create Back Up of everything that are inmportant to you in Floppy/CD. 
2) Restart your Machine in MSDOS Mode.
3) Format your machine. First format the other drives leaving C: for the last one to format.Try the command for quick formatting C:\>format /q .Then type y to continue.
4) Now Format C:.
5) Restart your PC while pressing the DEL switch constantly until you reach BOOT SETUP.
6) If any administrator password is required...ask your administrator the password.
7) Go to Advanced Settings.
8) Select first boot device as CD ROM with +/- key.
9) Press ESC.Then Press F10 key to save & exit.
10) Place your windows 98 CD on the CD ROM /Writer [which one is Primary slave].
11) Select "Start Computer with CD ROM Support".
12) After a while when the command prompt is back,type C:  and then type FDISK .
13) Read the paras carefully.Then Proceed. Select a logical drive to delete.Then create the logical drive again while leaving a little space for another drive to create. This Drive will only contain the Windows Swap File.(windows.swap).
What I'm trying to say is that...Suppose you deleted the last drive F:...o.k....which had 9GB space. Now again create the F: with say giving 400 MB less space. For this 400 MB...create another drive [automatically will be named G:] with 400 MB space. We will use this drive for keeping windows swap file only!
14) If you are done with that...restart your PC.
15) Now run SETUP for windows 98.
16) After you have safely & correctly installed windows 98 on your PC...go to Control Panel.
Click "Add/Remove" icon.Go to "Windows Setup" Tab. Only Select the options you must need to work on. For say uncheck the "Online Services" Option.Then delete "Online Services" fromDesktop & Start Menu and so on.
17) Now Put your Motherboard CD on the CD ROM. Now do you know what company's motherboard areyou using ? If it's Intel then click intel and Install the VGA/AUDIO/ANTIVIRUS [ifrequired].Restart everytime it will ask you.
18) Now setup your internet connection. Load the antivirus before this.
19) Connect to the Net and Download the following Softwares: [Search for these using search engine]:-
* Registry Healer [MUST]
* Registry Defragmentation [OPTIONAL]
* Tracks Eraser [MUST]
* OLE Clean [MUST]
* Reg Seeker [MUST]
* Power Defrag [MUST - if you don't know how to speed up defragmentation]
* Startup Mechanic [OPTIONAL]
20) Disconnect from Net.
21) Run Reg Seeker. Delete the keys as it has indicated.
22) Run OLE Clean. Delete the keys as it has indicated.
23) Now run the Registry Healer software. Delete the keys as it has indicated.It will ask you to compact the registry.Click YES. Then it will ask you to restart. Click NO.
24) Run the Track Eraser to remove unwanted files/folders from your machine. This will save HDD space.
25) Now restart your machine.
26) You will see how much space in the registry is saved by Registry Healer.
27) Now install only your much needed softwares. Don't install any softwares which you will not use at all or perhaps someday after a year!!
28) Again run one by one.First Reg Seeker,then Registry Healer,then Tracks Eraser.
29) Now restart your machine again.
30) Now run Power Defrag after you are all through with your all installations.Just simply follow the instructions of Power Defrag.
31) Want to make double the speed of your processor ? 
Well then, place your swap file on a different drive. The second drive cannot be a partition of the same drive and the second drive must be on a separate BUS. It's easy and here is how it works: lets say your Windows directory is on the C drive, this is where all the DLL files are. Now let's place the swap file on a different drive. While one set of arms are readingthe DLL files and program the other drive can be reading the swap file. You can do this inthe Device Manager under the Performance tab, and than select the Virtual Memory button. You should also defrag your hard drive at least once a week; don't believe Windows if it tellsyou that you do not need to now. It's just another MS bug, that's why Microsoft did anywaywith the message in Windows 98. In Our method the Drive destination for keeping the swap file will be drive G:.
32) Creating Shutdown, Restart and Logoff Icons:
This will help you to get rid of the "CLICK-ING FEVER!!!". 
To create the icons, create a shortcut on the desktop.
For Shutdown, the command is C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindows
For Restart, the command is C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindowsexec
For Logoff, the command is C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL.EXE shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx 0
At least for faster shut down create the shut down shortcut.
33) Faster Startup and Reboot:
If you want a faster starting of windows 98..remove the windows LOGO.For this first go to C: and right click the icon MSDOS.SYS file [If you can't see the file...go to view->folder options->check the radio button "show all files"->OK]....then select properties->uncheck the Read only & Hidden Option.Then....
 * Open MS DOS. Go to C:
 ** type C:\>edit msdos.sys
*** Then inside Msdos.Sys file....look for the line which contains [OPTIONS]. Below this lineenter another line as LOGO=0 
Save & Exit MSDOS.SYS file. Exit from Dos. Reboot.After restart go to C: and right click MSDOS.SYS->Properties->Check the Read Only & Hidden File buttons.
34) From the REGEDIT that I have written above modify the 2,8,9,11,12,14,17 points.
35) Again run Registry Healer and this time let it restart your computer.
35) Now install the other hardware CD's that you may have. Say Printer,Scanner etc.
36) Now go to start->Find->Files or Folders->quicklaunch.After that delete the quicklaunch folder from there.Also right click on the taskbar and strike off the quick launch option fromToolbars.
37) Then go to Start->Run->(type)msconfig .Click the "startup" tab. Deselect the options that is not at all needed at system start up. Some of them are :- Scanregistry,TaskMonitor,SystemTray,LoadPowerProfile,SoundMan,WinampAgent,
SchedulingAgent,MachineDebugManager,Microsoft Office Startup,Adobe Gamma Loader.exe etc.
No matter who tells you what...I have a lot of experiments over these and Iam successful in doing those without any sort of fuss.
38) Now open MS DOS.Go to C:\>(type)edit autoexec.bat
Here if you see any line(s)...simply delete those and save the file.Then Exit.Restart fromwindows.
39) Now do fell the P-IV effect on your machine.
Once again at the end of my discussion (rather HELP)...please feel free to help PSC to remove this tutorial from here if you think this is a bogus tutorial or a tutorial with no programmings/codes. But I think you should try these things first before hanging me in the Wall!
With Best Regards,
Arindam Ray.
[PSC winner on March'04 in C/C++ section by submitting the code "David Blain's Card Trick"].

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