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Submitted on: 1/6/2015 9:38:00 PM
By: Developer142 (from psc cd)  
Level: Beginner
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Compatibility: C#, ASP.NET
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     I have developed a simple Task Management System(TMS) in VS2010. The code has been developed by keeping in mind that a beginner will work on this project (henceforth I have kept it simple). Regarding the functionalists,you will find the following a) Interfacing between the front end ( and back end(Sql server) b) Populating the combo box/ drop down values and reading from the same c) Populating the data grid for displaying the records and reading the values from the same (while clicking on the Edit button) d) Paging in the grid. g) Coloring of the Flag field based on some precomputed values (Here the flag field is colored based on the values of Estimated hours - Actual Hours. If the value is +ve then the column will be green else red) h) Usage of user control(.ascx) . For the Create New Task and Edit New Task , I am using a single design( which has been discussed) which can be achieve by using User-Control. i) Usage of Master pages and content pages j) Communication between the web pages(.aspx) via Query String k) Validation of mandatory fields using Javascript. l) I have used a Adapter design pattern that will sit between the Presentation layer(PL) and Data Access Layer(DAL) for transforming the components to Entity objects. The interfacing between PL and the Adapter layer happens thru ITask interface. So, if you follow this small architectural pattern , you need to define all the communication methods in this interface. m) I have used Extension method that will be available in the Utilty folder. Here you can find out how I am populating the drop down/combo box values n) I have created a simple database with 4 tables (3 lookups viz tblStatus,tblPriority, tblUser) and one tblTaskActivity that will hold all the task related information. Also I have created the below stored procedure 1) usp_GetPriority (returns the Priority list from tblPriority) 2) usp_GetStatus (returns the Status list from tblStatus) 3) usp_GetUser ( returns the list of registered user from tblUser) 4) usp_GetTaskList (returns the list of tasks that the user has created/ updated) 5) usp_SaveTask ( inserts or updates a task) Steps to run the project a) Please go thru the "LookAtMe.docx" file first as it describes the entire TMS system b) Install the database script "TaskManagementDB.SQL" c) Unzip the file as it contains the project. Then click on the "TaskAssignmentSystemSolution.sln" file. Step to Make the Front-end and back-end interfacing ----------------------------------------------------------------- A) The way to run create the database and run the script is Step 1: First create a database by the name TaskManagementDB Step 2: Run the script attached herewith B) In the web.config, you will find You need to change the DataSource value( Your database server name ) Initial Catalog = Your database name User Id = Your database userid Password = Your databasee password N.B.~ b) This application should be taken as a reference and should not be taken as granted as an actual solution for the project.
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