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Health Stuff

Submitted on: 9/9/2018 1:00:21 PM
By: ICE 
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     OK... Firstly let me say thanks for checking this program out, this is jam packed full of valuable information pertaining to physical & medical health, No I am not a physician & am not medically trained, But I did do a lot of research & asked a lot of people I knew who are actually in the medical field, As someone who meant a lot to me was starting to have medical issues & was jumping through all the medical hoops they threw at her before she was finally diagnosed in 2006, (she has since left this world in 2014), I also looked into health things after my cousins husband almost died, he refused to go to the hospital for a few day, but apon his wife an daughter pestering him he finally went & found out 1 of his main arteries was about 95% blocked, it's known as the widow maker, he know takes nitro pills an lives with an invisible disability, I myself had my own situation hit me that I had to go through, deal with an learn to handle it an live with,,, Yes I myself ended up looking for information on my own situation/condition,,, In late October of 2013 I was diagnosed with the worst form of MS known, Yes MS as in Multiple Scleroses, It is a life shortening condition, I know several people who have already passed away from MS. As we all age we all have a greater chance and higher risk of developing some kind of medical problems and illnesses, No one is exempt from any of them and no one is invincible... Well that's enough rambling LOL. In this complete package you will find the following things and info .... about 17 like,,, BMI ,,, BMR ,,, BFC ,,, THR ,,, WHR ,,, IBW ,,, Smoking ,,, Woman's BMR ,,, Some calculators an converters ,,, Loosing Weight & Gaining Weight Plus some of their dangers ,,, the means to WHR ,,, Shaprs as in Body Shapes ,,, I have also included a Weight Calculator that calculates 3 different weight scales like, Pounds , Kilo's & Stones ,,, Also 1 for Feet , inches & Centimeters ,,, I'm pretty sure that you'll find 1 or more things interesting or valuable ,, Yes when I made this way back then it was originally made for women's health, However some stuff applies to both males and females, And I know lots og guys do worry about their woman's health situations an conditions an symptoms and some want to help them with stuff,,, I have helped a few who were dealing with Cancer scares and chemo stuff, I lost a lady I wanted to make my wife, She had a terminal form of cervical/uterine cancer, She knew she was terminal before we met but feared like others that I would leave her once I found out so she waited to tell me, She found out I wasn't like the others who left her, I stayed with her to the very end (a few years later) that was a hard hurtle to get over, I recently found out a ex from 2000 -01 area was diagnosed with breast cancer then throat cancer after that.... I hope some of yous have enjoyed my posts, Soon I may not be posting anymore and not sure how long it might be before I am back if I am back at all or in time,,, I'd like to be but..........

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