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Integrate Google Drive into VBA applications

Submitted on: 9/2/2015 1:16:16 AM
By: Dang Dinh Ngoc 
Level: Beginner
User Rating: By 1 Users
Compatibility: VB 6.0, VBA MS Access, VBA MS Excel
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     Allow simple user to interact with Google Drive objects using VBA code. Since there was not much resource assisting VBA's interaction with Google APIs, thanks to Kyle Beachill, Bruce Mc Pherson and Tim Hall at Inspired from their code on OAuth2, I decided to copy, past stuff around the Net and put into this small Access Application to demonstrate the VBA interaction with Google Drive Apis. I hope this would be of help for whom of interst. The application is written in Vietnamese but comments are made in English. Also, I used zlib class, Json class from some other authors. (My original idea was using rclone with access but finally I don't need them. You can also file the old version using shell and rcclone here Hope you would enjoy this.
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Other User Comments

9/3/2015 8:10:47 AMDang Dinh Ngoc

The updated link for this application can be reached at
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1/6/2016 2:44:28 PMififthelement

website< /span> not accessible from india
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1/25/2016 3:34:33 PMDang Dinh Ngoc

So please send me an email then I would send the file to you directly.
skype: paulsteigel
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6/26/2016 5:59:10 AMryancurrah

Hi there, is there any way to adapt this to work with excel?
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3/18/2017 1:21:19 PMDang Dinh Ngoc

Sure it can be done with any app using vb6!
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2/14/2018 5:43:03 AMJim

I tried your sample db and replaced your credentials with mine. However, when I click on "Get new Token," I get an "Invalid use of Null" error and the debugger takes me to this line:

If .LoginGoogle(txtGAccount, txtGPassword) Then

Floating over the variables, they do contain my account email and my password.

Have there been changes to the API that broke your db?

Thank you!
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6/14/2019 9:12:29 PMRaul

After replaced your credentials with mine, and I clicked on "Get Token" shows me:

Run-time Error '483'

Object doesn't support this property or method

line: .LogOnGoogle txtGAccount, txtGPassword

What do you suggest that can be the issue..!!

Is this code works in 2019?

Thanks in advance.
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