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Triangular Pascals Triangle

Submitted on: 1/5/2015 6:50:00 PM
By: Josh Hollandsworth (from psc cd)  
Level: Beginner
User Rating: By 3 Users
Compatibility: C, C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, UNIX C++
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     Prints out pascals triangle in a nice triangular format up to 13 rows


INCLUDE files:

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//INCLUDE files for :Triangular Pascals Triangle
iostream and iomanip
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// Name: Triangular Pascals Triangle
// Description:Prints out pascals triangle in a nice triangular format up to 13 rows
// By: Josh Hollandsworth (from psc cd)
// Inputs:You must input the number of rows of the triangle you wish to view.
// Side Effects:The program only handles ints and is limited to what an integer can do

//Author name: Josh Hollandsworth 
//Author email: j_hollandsworth@msn.com
//Source Filename: pascal.cpp
//Purpose: prints out a Pascalís triangle depending on the number of
// rows that a user inputs
//Date: 26/9/03 Last Modified 01/10/03 10:32
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;
int fact(int num) {
//variable to hold the value of 
int num_factorial = 1;
	// while num is greater than one multiply it by the value that is referenced
// by num_factorial, then reassign it to num_factorial. Finally decrement the 
// value of num and start again
while(num > 1){
num_factorial *= num;
	}//end of while
	return num_factorial;
}// end of fact function
//comb finds the value of a combination of 2 numbers
int comb(int n , int k) {
	int combination = (fact(n)/(fact(k) * fact((n-k))));
	return combination;
}//end of comb function
//printTab prints out a specified number of rows determined by the max rows
//minus the number of the current row
void printTab(int n, int max){
//set the counter equal to max minus the current row
//then print out 4 spaces during ever iteration
for(int i =(max-n); i > 0; i--) {
		cout << "";
	}//end of for
}// end of printTab function
// main function
int main() {
	//vars to hold the variables in each loop
	int max,row,column;
	//print a blank line on execution to prevent the output from being right up against the CLI id
	cout << endl;
	//notes where the beginning of execution is for the goto loop
	// and prompts the user for input
	beginning: cout << "Enter the maximum number of rows: ";
	cin >> max;
	cout << endl;
	// if the maximum rows is above 14 go back so we prevent a buffer overflow of sourts
	if (max > 13 || max < 1){
	cout << "Number out of range...Try again!\n";
		goto beginning;
	}//end of goto if
	//increment row as long as it is less than the max rows;
	for(row = 0; row < max ; row++){
		//printTab aides in making output look better by tabbing over a n times depending on current
		//value of the row compared to the maximum number of rows
		cout << setw(2);
		printTab(row,(max - 1));
		//increment column as long as column is less then row +1.
		//this only works since the maximum values of numbers in a row is 1+the row number
		//ie in row 6 there are seven values in Pascalís triangle,.
		for(column = 0; column < row + 1; column++){
			// if the column number equals 0 output "1" since it would pass
			// 0 and 0 to the combination function which would cause execution fail
			// from a divide by zero exception
			if(row == 0){
			cout << setw(4);
				cout << "1";
			} else {
				//use the iomanip function setw to make the spacing between values to
				//ensure proper output and finally output the value and the spacing
				cout << setw(4);
				cout << comb(row,column) << "";
			}//end of row if else
		}//end of column for
		//output and end line to ensure the next row starts on a new line
		cout << endl;
	}//end of row for
	return 0;

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