Dynamic Style Sheets. Simpler and Easier

Submitted on: 1/5/2015 3:14:00 PM
By: dselkirk (from psc cd)  
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     My head-ache medicine for programming cross-browser webpages.

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				Style sheets are simply the most valuable tool to a developer when it comes to cross-browser webpage development. Most developers will use a style sheet when developing a website to allow for less code and quicker changes. Also if the need arises (usually does…) they’ll use multiple style sheets to handle browser compatibilities. This is an effective method and it does works perfectly. The problem is consistency. There are a lot of different browser’s with a lot of different versions on the web. The last thing any developer needs to do is maintain a directory full of style sheets. (“I made a change…5 style sheets later”) Also think of the wasted space. Approximately 90% of those style sheets are all the same. Each sheet will make a minor change to a single setting and then good old duplication. Wasn’t it nicer with a single style sheet? Well it’s still possible.

A single style sheet. A single active server page style sheet. I couldn’t believe it when it came to me. A simple, dynamic and completely customizable method of altering styles of a website based on the browser type or passed parameters. Yes, parameters. Dynamically change the colors of the page based on values set in the parent page, stored in a database or even provided by the client. The possibilities are only limited to what you can do with an active server page.

To make a dynamic style sheet is as simple as making an active server page. I usually use a file named “style.asp”. It gets the point across about what its function is. Inside simple make a style sheet as you would normally. I add my own little functions to help on distinguishing from different browsers and the changing of variables. I have attached a basic example which you can build upon. For more examples please go here.

Please enjoy and give me you feed back for further features.

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