How to destroy a Shopping Cart

Submitted on: 1/5/2015 2:32:00 PM
By: Lewis E. Moten III (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: ASP (Active Server Pages)
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     I often get questions on how to deal with shopping cart data stored within the database that is no longer needed after the user has logged off. The answer is simple and deals with some database calls in the Global.ASA.


As you user adds an item into there shopping cart, you should create a field that also holds the value of the SessionID (Session.SessionID). This ID is unique to all of your "current" visitors. When a users session ends, you can "clean up" your database by deleting all of the records relating to that session ID. Here is a brief run-down on the SQL you would execute in your Global.ASA file.

<SCRIPT language="vbScript" runat="Server">
Sub Session_onStart()
lStrSQL = "DELETE FROM ShoppingCartItems WHERE SessionID = " & Session.SessionID
End Sub
' this is the main one you want - the others just help make
' sure records get deleted if they are not needed.
Sub Session_onEnd()
lStrSQL = "DELETE FROM ShoppingCartItems WHERE SessionID = " & Session.SessionID
End Sub
Sub Application_onStart()
lStrSQL = "DELETE FROM ShoppingCartItems"
End Sub
Sub Application_onEnd()
lStrSQL = "DELETE FROM ShoppingCartItems"
End Sub

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