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FINAL V6 -NT Master Class! - EFS | NTFS Security | Process and Service Mgmt | User and Group Mgmt

Submitted on: 2/15/2015 3:50:00 AM
By: Steppenwolfe (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     All of the most difficult and hard to find subjects covered in one unifying project. NT Master class encompasses a wide range of security functions, allowing you to create applications with a broad scope of features, that call through a single, powerful, class interface. Features include interfaces into EFS (Encrypted File System), NTFS File Security, NTFS Registry Security, a wide array of User and Group management calls, and Service and Process management. Class is written for speed and functionality, and includes error handling and events, along with a demonstration project. The five worksheets from each subject are also included, so that you may use them seperately.. _________________________________________________ V3 is Up! Added some service functions, expanded user management, some small fixes/enhancements. _________________________________________________ V4 is Up! Added three new user management routines, applied some fixes to class and example. _________________________________________________ V5 is Up! Final rev is up, added 14 new functions!! All process functions mirrored to psapi for W2K server compliance. Added get/set thread priority, and get/set process class. Added Kill thread, load/unload user hive and create/remove user profile to user management. Now 60 functions in class, each one is now proofed and working well. Added an extended example to the demo, which goes through the complete cycle of adding/modifying a user/group, then launching a process with the new credentials. _________________________________________________ V6 is Up! Added a routine to service management, that changes the service description in mmc. Proofed and rewrote Service_Add and Service_Remove functions. Added optional machine name to service routines, making remote administration possible, (thanks Lite). Hope ya like it.. Cheers John

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