Use .NET functionality from VB6

Submitted on: 2/13/2015 4:48:00 AM
By: Mike Douglas (from psc cd)  
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     Use .NET functionality from VB6

				This is a link to the MSDN site with a very interesting article on how to call .NET functionality from within VB6.
Kinda of the nice things about VB6 is no dependancy on .NET library/download, but if thats not an issue for you, then check it out and let me know what you think..
The .NET Framework Class Library provides extensive functionality for the following areas:.
New data types, such as GUID for working with Global Unique Identifiers, and TimeSpan for working with a relative times (5 minutes instead of 12:05 AM 1/1/2005).
Environment information OS version, environment variables, command line arguments, machine name, user name, user domain, special folder paths, logical drives..
Functionality for creating console (command line) applications.
Functionality for writing Windows services Registry access.
Power events.
Database access.
Numerous types of collections, including sorted lists, dictionaries, and queues..
Configuration file management.
Operating system interaction processes, event logs, performance counters, services, tracing and debugging.
Active Directory access.
Advanced graphics capabilities drawing, gradients, images, printing.
Access to COM+ services such as distributed transactions

File system interaction and IO

Windows Management Interface access

Access to message queuing

Low level network access DNS lookups, IP Addresses, sockets, HTTP communication Interoperability with non .NET code (known as unmanaged code)

Reflection allows late binding, and inspection of types at runtime

Remote object access creating instances of remote classes and calling their methods.

Serialization the ability to easily import/export the data of a class as XML.

Cryptography hashing, symmetric and asymmetric encryption, X509 certificates.

Text formats Conversions for ASCII, UTF-7, UTF-8, Unicode.

Regular Expressions The ability to insure that a string conforms to a certain pattern (the string looks like a phone number, IP address, e-mail address, etc.) The ability to extract sub-strings from a string (for example, extract all the HTML tags).

Threading - The ability to have an application do work in the background.

Web Services

XML support superior functionality compared to MSXML.

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