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Simple Search

Submitted on: 1/5/2015 6:23:00 AM
By: Jorge Cisneros (from psc cd)  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 5 Users
Compatibility: ASP (Active Server Pages)
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     Search in the site for any word
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' Name: Simple Search
' Description:Search in the site for any word
' By: Jorge Cisneros (from psc cd)
' Returns:The pages that containt the especific word

<% if Request("SearchText") <> "" then
		response.write "<TITLE>Buscando Resultados para"& Request("SearchText")& "</TITLE>"
		response.write "<TITLE>Página de busqueda </TITLE>"
end if %>
<form method="post" action="search.asp">
 <div align="center"></div>
 <div align="center">
<table bgcolor="#0033CC" border="0" bordercolorlight="#00FFFF" bordercolordark="#000000">
<td> <font color="#CCCCCC"> <font color="#FFFFFF">Buscar</font> 
 <input type="text" name="SearchText" size="40">
 </font> </td>
<td> <font color="#CCCCCC"> 
 <input type="submit" name="Submit2" value="Buscar">
<td height="32"> <font color="#CCCCCC"> <font color="#FFFFFF">Mostrar 
 <select name="rLength" >
<option value="200" SELECTED>Descripción Larga 
<option value="100">Descripción Corta 
<option value="0">Solo Url 
 <select name="rResults">
<option value="10" SELECTED>10 
<option value="25">25 
<option value="50">50 
 </font> </td>
<td height="32"> <font color="#CCCCCC"> 
 <input type="reset" name="Reset" value="Borrar">
<p><% if Request("SearchText") <> "" then %> </p>
<p><B>Buscando Resultados para '<%=Request("SearchText")%>'</B><BR>
' Buscador Simple. Autor Jorge Cisneros jorgeci@hotmail.com
Const fsoForReading = 1
Dim objFile, objFolder, objSubFolder, objTextStream 
Dim bolCase, bolFileFound
dim strDeTag, Ext, strFile, strContent, strRoot, strTag, strText, strTitle, strTitleL 
Dim reqLength, reqNumber, count
strFile = ".asp .htm .html .js .txt .css"
strRoot = "/"
strText = Request("SearchText")
If Request("Case") = "on" Then bolCase = 0 Else bolCase = 1
If Request("rResults") = "10" Then reqNumber = 10
If Request("rResults") = "25" Then reqNumber = 25
If Request("rResults") = "50" Then reqNumber = 50
reqLength = Request("rLength")
Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(Server.MapPath(strRoot))
CurURL= "http://" & Request.serverVariables("SERVER_NAME") 
CurPath = objFolder
For Each objSubFolder in objFolder.SubFolders
If Not bolFileFound then Response.Write "La busqueda no encontro nada.."
If bolFileFound then Response.Write "<B>Fin de la busqueda</B>"
Set objTextStream = Nothing
Set objFolder = Nothing
Set objFSO = Nothing
Sub schSubFol(objFolder)
	For Each objFile in objFolder.Files
		If Count + 1 > reqNumber or strText = "" Then Exit Sub
		If Response.IsClientConnected Then
			'Abrir solo si es archivo conocido
			strext = right(objFile.Name,3)
			if instr(1,strFile,strext) > 0 then
 				Set objTextStream = objFSO.OpenTextFile(objFile.Path,fsoForReading)
				strContent = objTextStream.ReadAll
				If InStr(1,strContent,strtext) > 0 Then
				postitle = InStr(1, strContent, "<TITLE>",1)
				If postitle > 0 Then
					strTitle = Mid(strContent, postitle + 7, InStr(1, strContent, "</TITLE>", 1) - (postitle + 7)) 
					strTitle = "Sin Titulo"
				end if
				Count = Count + 1
				Response.Write "<DL><DT><B><I>"& Count &"</I></B> - <A HREF="&Obt_Url(objFile.path) & ">" & strTitle & "</A></DT><BR><DD>"
				strTitleL = InStr(1, strContent, "</TITLE>", 1) - InStr(1, strContent, "<TITLE>", 1) + 7
				strDeTag = ""
				bolTagFound = False
				Do While InStr(strContent, "<")
					bolTagFound = True
					strDeTag = strDeTag & " " & Left(strContent, InStr(strContent, "<") - 1)
					strContent = MID(strContent, InStr(strContent, ">") + 1)
				strDeTag = strDeTag & strContent
				If Not bolTagFound Then strDeTag = strContent
					If reqLength = "0" Then
						Response.Write obt_url(objFile.Path) & "</DD></DL>"
						Response.Write Mid(strDeTag, strTitleL, reqLength) & "...<BR><I><FONT SIZE='2'>URL: " & obt_url(objFile.Path) & " - Ultima modificación: " & objFile.DateLastModified & " - " & FormatNumber(objFile.Size / 1024) & "Kbytes</FONT></I></DD></DL>"
					end if
					bolFileFound = True
				End If
			End If
		End If
End Sub
Function Obt_Url (nompath)
	obt_url = CurUrl +"/"+ right(nompath,len(nompath) - len(curpath)-1)
end function
<% end if %>

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