How to make sure your project is compliant with all windows operating systems

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     How to make sure your project is compliant with all windows operating systems.


The most important factor of knowing that your project is compliant is API. Before publishing you particular project be sure to go to MSDN at Microsoft & cross reference all your API calls. At the bottom of each API description page at MSDN is a list that shows what operating systems that particular API call is valid on. It is OK to implement both if you use a operating system detection API to fire or not to fire the correct API for the detected operating system.

The second factor is null filtering on NT operating systems. Be sure to debug your application on either windows 2000 or XP to find out if any of your code generates any null characters when returning data. Null characters are indicated by a empty square box or boxes in your string data. If null characters do exist be sure to use a null filter in those areas of your code. Windows NT operating systems are famous for generating null characters. This is why most programmers now days either work in windows 2000 or XP.

Their you have it, its as simple as that !!!

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