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[!!!!! XTab a complete Tab ActiveX control written from scratch Updated -Now Supports Icons !!!!!]

Submitted on: 2/9/2015 5:02:00 AM
By: Neeraj Agrawal (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 160 Users
Compatibility: VB 5.0, VB 6.0
Views: 16023
     XTab is an ActiveX Control which can be used as a substitute for the Microsoft Tabbed Dialog/Property Page Control. XTab uses subclassing to achieve same design-time switching effect as MS Tab control does. XTab is highly customizable and provides many standard themes like XP,Visual Studio 2003 .Net, Rounded Tabs, Owner Drawn, Iconed theme etc. And best of all it has no external dependencies to subclassing dlls or common dialog etc controls. Optimized code for flicker free drawing. New themes can be easily added by simply implementing the ITheme Interface. Featured Property Page for easily setting properties. Supports Individual Tab Enabling/Disabling. Now supports Icons in all the themes. Also we can use PictureSize,PictureAlignment and MaskColor property to customize the Interface. Updated Property page too for better UI. Added a method to allow copying images from any compatible ImageList Control. email: If you like the code please leave a comment/vote. :)

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Other User Comments

3/17/2016 4:15:52 PMJoe

Love this, great job btw. I use this in 2 of my biggest projects without any issues. If it were not for this control I would have to do alot of extra coding to make my projects look so pretty, so thank you again!
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6/9/2016 4:19:15 PMAhmed


Thank you for this cool tabs. However i can not use the user control alone (without the ocx) as there are many errors

This one error for example

Only public user defined types defined in public object modules can be used as parameters or return types for public procedures of class modules or as fields of public user defined types

caused by the UDT oControlDetails

this is after i moved the declaration of this UDT from the usercontrol to a public standard module.

Could you please fix it so that we can use it without the need to compile and use the ocx to get rid of the dependencies?

Thank you.
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9/29/2016 2:00:32 PMNeeraj

Sad to see that there were 100+ comments on this page all gone :( I wish someone can restore them!


Thanks Joe for your comments.

Ahmed, I am sorry its not working for you, but this control has been here since 2005 (its 2016 Now :) , and have had almost thousands of happy users since then. I believe you have modified the source code for integration. Thus would suggest you include the whole project with source or make the OCX. Partial includes will not work.
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11/21/2018 9:54:05 AMhai2hai

Most tab control source code won't work correctly when resized when form resize.
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4/12/2020 10:31:01 PMZoltan

Hi Neeraj!
Thank your for this excellent project! A question: How can your Xtab do the Tabvisible function of the original MS SStab?
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