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Twenty-One Card Game

Submitted on: 1/4/2015 3:01:00 PM
By: Morgan L.D. (from psc cd)  
Level: Beginner
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Compatibility: C++ (general)
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     This is a re-creation of the card game Twenty-One. It is quite simple.


INCLUDE files:

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//INCLUDE files for :Twenty-One Card Game
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// Name: Twenty-One Card Game
// Description:This is a re-creation of the card game Twenty-One. It is quite simple.
// By: Morgan L.D. (from psc cd)
// Inputs:Number of cards wanted and if you want to continue play
// Side Effects:Make sure to delete the character 'y' in the next input line when you type 'y' to continue play

//Chapter 4, Exercise 33 of "A Guide to Programming in C++"
//(c)Morgan L.D.
//November 18, 2002
//Created with Dev C++ Programmer
//*Note* - Include files may vary among programmers
//This is a card game similar to Twenty-One
#include <iostream.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <lvp\conio.h>
#include <lvp\random.h>
void main()
 cout<<"--Twenty-One Card Gamer--"<<endl<<endl;
 int CardsComp=3, ScoreComp=0, ScoreYou=0, Draw=0, CardsYou, Continue;
 int Cards1=0, YouTot=0, CompTot=0, Cards=0;
 const int TO=21;//highest winning value
 while(1==1)//runs loop until its broken
 cout<<"How many cards do you want? ";
 cout<<"You: ";
 for(int CardsY=1; CardsY<=CardsYou; CardsY++)
 Cards=random(10)+1;//generates random cards set to specific #
 cout<<Cards<<" ";
 YouTot+=Cards;//totals cards
 cout<<"Computer: ";
 for(int CardsC=1; CardsC<=3; CardsC++)
 Cards1=random(10)+1; //generates random cards
 cout<<Cards1<<" ";
 CompTot+=Cards1;//totals cards
 cout<<"I have "<<CompTot<<" and you have "<<YouTot<<" so ";
 //below decides winning statement to output
 if(CompTot<=TO && CompTot>YouTot)
{ cout<<"I win"<<endl;
 else if(YouTot<=TO && YouTot>CompTot)
{ cout<<"you win"<<endl;
 else if(CompTot<=TO && YouTot>TO)
{ cout<<"I win"<<endl;
 else if(YouTot<=TO && CompTot>TO)
{ cout<<"you win"<<endl;
 else if(CompTot==YouTot)
{ cout<<"we draw"<<endl;
 CompTot=0;//clears totals so they don't carry on in the...
 YouTot=0; //next loop
 cout<<"Would you like to play again? (Y/N)? "; //loop program again
 if(Continue=='n' || Continue=='N')
break;//breaks loop if continue is true
 cout<<"Computer wins = "<<ScoreComp<<endl;//end of program
 cout<<"Your wins = "<<ScoreYou<<endl;//chart
 cout<<"Draws = "<<Draw<<endl;

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