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Submitted on: 1/4/2015 5:56:00 AM
By: Nasir Ahmad (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: C#, VB.NET, C++.NET
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     Hello Again! Here is my second submission to PSC, and its a complete Software Protection System, to protect the software you've worked on so hard to develop, from illegal copying or un-authorised use. In the core of the system is the SoftwareLock Class, which needs to be compiled by a VB.NET compiler as a DLL, that done you can use it in any .NET languages to provide protection for your software. I've also included a sample project (SoftwareLockDemo) which demonstrates how to implement the various properties and methods SoftwareLock exposes. The third project included in this package is the Softwarelock Key-genarator application, which you can use to generate Serial Keys for your customers. How does SoftwareLock work??? ... Well, you basically supply a codename (AppName property), and a password for your application, SoftwareLock combines these strings along with your customer's hard disk serial number and using complicated encryption algorithms from System.Security.Cryptography namespace, it generates a customer reference for the customer, you have to display this reference to your customer, the customer then has to contact you and quote the Reference he/she's been given. Using the reference provided, AppName, Password, and a Hash Algorithm you specified the SoftwareLok Key-generator generates a unique Serial Key, which you have to give to your customer to unlock his/her software. Thus, by supplying your custom appname and password, you protect your software from other SoftwareLock users. By using your customer's unique Hard disk serial, you protect your software from un-authorised copying and make it unique to the machine it was initially registered on! Please note that SoftwareLock uses a logical disk drive's serial number supplied by the operating system when the disk was formatted, NOT the manufacturer's serial number! So if your customer has to format his drive for some reason, you will have to generate a new serial key based on the new hdd serial number, or your program won't run. while developing SoftwareLock I first tried to let it use the Manufacturer's HDD serial no, using System.Management, and WMI Queries. But later i realized that the the method i was using only worked on WinXP and Win2000 operating systems. I haven't yet figured out an API approach to the problem. If you know anything, please share it with me!!! Thank You.

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