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Submitted on: 1/4/2015 5:38:00 AM
By: TLWallace (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: VB.NET
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     Introduction At the time of this writing, the standard Windows Forms .NET TreeView control doesn't support the concept of databinding like the ASP.NET TreeView control. So, we are left writing our own solutions. This solution provides a standardized way to use databinding with the Windows Forms .NET TreeView control. This functionality will enable you to quickly develop user-friendly ways to create and view complex data information. It includes the Databinding as well as the following Design Patterns: Facade, Proxy, Singleton. It also includes custom 'Rule' classes to give the developer at design time the ability to derive primary key and foreign key data points. This is essential to adjusting the underlying Dataset when changes to the TreeView occur. Updates are also performed on a Asynchronous separate thread. The last item I'd like to mention is that this class does support two table DataSets, a Primary key table and a Foreign key table. Requirements The following were the initial requirements: Databind a DataSet to the TreeView and save results back to a Microsoft Access database. Design the solution to make it easy to reuse the class in different solutions. Encapsulate as much of the binding logic inside the custom solution and hide it from the UI developers. UI developers should have to write next to nothing for code to keep the TreeView in sync with the DataSet underneath it. Provide a sample for deleting nodes in the TreeView (via right click context menu) and have that deletion automatically reflected in the DataSet. Provide a sample for editing nodes in the TreeView (via right click context menu) and have the .Text property change automatically reflected in the DataSet. Provide a sample for inserting nodes in the TreeView (via right click context menu) and have the new node automatically reflected in the DataSet. Support drag and drop of TreeNode branches within the same TreeView and have the relationships automatically reflected in the DataSet. If the following columns are in the DataTable: Checked, ForeColor, BackColor, ImageIndex, or SelectedImageIndex, incorporate the following node properties when the TreeNode is created. If the any of these columns are missing, simply implement the default value for the TreeNode. Support drag and drop of TreeNode branches across multiple TreeView controls and have the relationships automatically reflected in the target DataSet as well as the source DataSet. Provide a sample for accepting and rejecting changes made to the same TreeView control giving the user the ability to undo their changes. Automatically commit changes to the source and target DataSet when a TreeNode branch is dropped on the target TreeView.

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