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Twenty-one PSC VB6 Projects Converted to VB 2005

Submitted on: 1/4/2015 4:18:00 AM
By: Herbert N Swearengen III (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 8 Users
Compatibility: VB.NET
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     I'm moving to Visual Basic 2005 exclusively from Visual Basic 6, except to maintain some older code. So I decided to clean out my collection of VB6 downloads from PSC either by deleting them or converting them. The ones in this download were the ones I decided to convert. Some took more time than others. Most of these are not complete applications because they lack error trapping, UI elements and the ability to save settings. But some are useful examples of certain techniques. Maybe you will find something in this collection that is useful. The programs are: A ListView example, Add All Files in Folder to ListBox, Add Contacts To Microsoft Outlook, Ascii Key Code Finder, Bubble Sort Routine, Calculation Julian to Gregorian and back, Change Desktop Styles in XP, Conversion Dates, Convert number to word, Converter for Binary, ASCII, Hex and Decimal, Credit Card Validator, Decimal To Roman, Distance Between Two Zip Codes, Empty Your Recycle Bin, Encryptor Decryptor, Julian Date Converter, Look Up Internet Country Codes, Opening and CLOSING a cd-tray, Simple Text to Speech Program, System Status 2.0, Unique Serial Number Protection Version 2.0, and View Windows XP CD Key. (Please note that this an updated version. I added some missing data files, added a couple of readmes where it was not obvious to all that a reference had to be set, and removed three programs that proved unreliable.) Please note that I did not write any of the original code. These programs are presented as examples of conversion from VB6 to VB 2005 only.
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