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Submitted on: 1/1/2015 7:26:00 AM
By: Hilton Giesenow (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C++.NET
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     VB.NET Class Generator From Databases - In order to simplify the interaction with a database and decrease development time, many systems contain classes that represent database objects. For example, one could create a "Customer" class with "Name" and "Email" properties and "Update" and "Delete" methods. These actions and properties would be interacting with the database in the background, thus abstracting the user from the lower-level DB details. I have written a web service that receives an XML dataset as a parameter, and returns a string array representing the automatically generated classes and collections to achieve what is described above. This web service can be called from any application in virtually any language. The code provided here is one implementation written in VB.NET that takes a SQL Server connection string, builds the database structure in a dataset, and writes out the files to a supplied path. Restrictions: The current restrictions for this app are that the table can have only 1 primary key field, and this key field must be numeric. Also, the app automatically attempts to connect to certain stored procedures. The names of these stored procedures are taken from the table name. These names are (for e.g. with a table called tblCustomer) To view all records : spCustomersView To view 1 record : spCustomerView To add a record : spCustomerAdd To edit a record : spCustomerEdit To delete a record : spCustomerDelete To change the names of these Stored Procs, just locate them in the .vb text and change them. to not use Stored procs, change the s.p. name to SQL text, and change the StoredProcedure value of the database command / DataAdapter to CommandText. Also, a note on names. The app requires each table to have an initial capital letter. This is because I use naming conventions for my tables. Normal tables have a prefix of "tbl". Linking tables are prefixed "tlnk", and lookup tables (for genders, for example) are prefixed "tlk". For example, a customer table would be called tblCustomer. However, Customer would work ok too. This app forms part of an Honours course. As such, I would greatly appreciate feedback. You can contact me at Let me know any suggestions / comments, or at least briefly what you are using the app for. The service itself is at Thanks, Hilton
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