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Universal Database Admin for ASP.NET and SQL Server

Submitted on: 1/3/2015 10:52:00 PM
By: quartz (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: C#, ASP.NET
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     Universal Database Admin for ASP.NET and SQL Server----------------------------------------- A dynamic web application needs an admin section for CRUD action of the database, wouldn't it be nice if we can have a universal database administration, which can be plugged to any web application, Just give your sql connection string and it generates pages for Create, Read, Update and Delete ----------------------------------------- Description This following code describes an web module which can be added /cutomized in any sql driven web application as a database administration. When i first started with an admin section of a web application, i thought why not try to make something more general a plug-n-play admin section which can be used for any SQL driven dynamic web application so here is the result of the effort. ----------------------------------------- The Target was. 1. Create a self sufficient Admin section which can be put into any SQL driven web application by changing the connectionstring for SQL server in web.config ----------------------------------------- 2. User needs to Login before doing the CRUD (create/Read/Update/Delete) operations ----------------------------------------- 3. There should be individual pages one for each operations(CRUD) which will take tablename as parameters ----------------------------------------- 4. A dataAccess class which wraps all the data access methods and returns values or records as required. Assumptions ----------------------------------------- These were the initial thoughts but to make it a general module i made some assumptions 1. Every Table has One Primary Key and It is the First Field in the Table There is atleast one AdminUser table in the SQL database which has a Permission field with value "Admin" for the users to login to the admin section for CRUD operations ----------------------------------------- The Web.config looks like this A Connectionstring and AdminTable name in the web.config <appSettings><add key="ConnectionString" value="Data Source=YourdatasrcIP;POOLING=FALSE; database=YourDatabasename;User ID=YouruserID;Password=YourPassword" />
<add key="AdminTable" value="YourAdminTableName" /> </appSettings> ----------------------------------------- MORE UPDATES AND DISCUSSION AT -----------------------------------------

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// for :Universal Database Admin for ASP.NET and SQL Server
Universal Database Admin
Copyright © Rajesh Lal, 2005-2006
Author Quartz (Rajesh Lal -
The program is FREE for any non commercial usage. In the case of
modifying and/or redistributing the code it's obligate to retain
the original copyright notice. It is not allowed to create your
own commercial products on the basis of the program or any parts
of it.
Please, contact me for purchase/ modification and redistribution with, remarks, ideas, etc.
also check the EULA.txt for User agreement
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