Some Spells about IrDa and Tiny Devices + Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 code!

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By: michele berardi (from psc cd)  
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     Some Spells and tips on how Develop Good Program for IrDa devices and solve some annoing connection problems between IrDa devices. A rush of code written in embedded visual basic 3.0 (Windows CE 3.0), explain the facts. See also my article on Generic IrDa systems! here: PLEASE DOWNLAD THE ZIP BECAUSE PLANET SOURCE CODE DOES NOT DISPLAY CORRECTLY THE HTML!

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Some Spells on: IrDa (Infrared) devices programming

Some Spells on: "IrDa (Infrared) devices programming"
whit code snippet written in:
Embedded Visual Basic 3.0 (Windows Ce 3.0)
(C) 2002 Berardi Michele

The infrared devices are joined to the BCR (a serial device).

The BCR cannot send off messages to the irda peripherals
about its speed of communication, therefore is necessary
to set up and initialize on both irda peripherals,
the same speed of communication.

The values of default of habit they are: 9600, N,8,1.

The device Irda need for running 12 milliampere
power suppyed from the BCR, either from a battery or
external power supply.

The connection means habit throught a serial connector
9 pin female, which takes the power
from the handshaking's pin.

To make one's will the communication Irda using a
Desktop PC provided of an Irda Eye.
You can use a simple terminal emulator
on the desktop setting the same parameters
as the pocket pc device ( 9600,N,8,1 )
and obvious choosing the serial port
assigned to Irda device (the port must be
correctly installed on system).

If it is wanted writeran applications for the IrDa com,
you are remembered to settings highs (true for the VB)
the values DTR and RTS in the property of the object COM,
otherwise the communication cannot happen
for scarcity of energy,
besides for the object COM in matter is necessary set up
the propertyes:

Rthreshold = 1 and Strheshold = 0.

Example of evb code:

' how to create a com object and how it (described above)
' assign a generic Irda port (as usual COM4)

Option Explicit

Private Sub Receive(data)
txtReceived.SelStart = Len (txtReceived.Text)
txtReceived.SelText = data
End Sub

Private Sub InviaTesto_Click ()
Comm1.Output = txtReceived.Text
End Sub

Private Sub Comm1_OnComm ()
If Comm1.CommEvent = 2 Then Call Receive(Comm1.Input)
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load ()
If Not Comm1.PortOpen Then Comm1.PortOpen = True
End Sub

Berardi Michele
Senior Developer
"customize your opportunities!"
Mobile: + 39 347 319 2000
E-Mail(S) :
03473192000@vizzavi. it


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