Win-98 Boot Sector Code

Submitted on: 1/3/2015 4:05:00 PM
By: vivek mohan (from psc cd)  
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     Hey guys, ever wondered how win9x loads ?.. well check out the disassembled, boot sector code for win98, which I happened to hack using a tool created by me called wrdsk which can be downloaded from psc. Please vote and post your comments so I can know that there are people interested in stuff like this... ;-)


The Windows-98 Boot Sector Code

Hi there ! Thought may be there'd people out there who'd be interested in stuff like this. I used the program wrdisk.exe , created by me, (check out my c/c++ resource center, or download it from PSC) to read the 0th head, 0th track, 1st sector of my hardisk and Behold .. I found this.... ;-). The actual binary data as follows...

3м |PP|PW˾8,| uIt8,tN< t F%F<t < t:u+@F%u$UPAXrUut V$f 3ɃN%Nr)u>}UtZڅu?늘RFV  ZOt3 8V3VVRPSQ VPR BV$ZXdr @uB^tInvalid partition table. Setup cannot continue. Error loading operating system. Setup cannot continue. Wot from floppy...  | ]  ? ??, , TXS U

Thats 512 bytes of Mumbo-Jumbo....but it made sense when I disassembled it using NASM. This is what I got....
I'm trying to heavily comment this code, watch this space..

00000000 33C0 xor ax,ax		
00000002 8ED0 mov ss,ax		
00000004 BC007Cmov sp,0x7c00	
00000007 FBsti			
00000008 50push ax		
00000009 07pop es		
0000000A 50push ax		
0000000B 1Fpop ds		
0000000C FCcld			
0000000D BE1B7Cmov si,0x7c1b	
00000010 BF1B06mov di,0x61b	
00000013 50push ax		
00000014 57push di		
00000015 B9E501mov cx,0x1e5
00000018 F3A4 rep movsb
0000001A CBretf
0000001B BEBE07mov si,0x7be
0000001E B104 mov cl,0x4
00000020 382C cmp [si],ch
00000022 7C09 jl 0x2d
00000024 7515 jnz 0x3b
00000026 83C610add si,byte +0x10
00000029 E2F5 loop 0x20
0000002B CD18 int 0x18
0000002D 8B14 mov dx,[si]
0000002F 8BEE mov bp,si
00000031 83C610add si,byte +0x10
00000034 49dec cx
00000035 7416 jz 0x4d
00000037 382C cmp [si],ch
00000039 74F6 jz 0x31
0000003B BE1007mov si,0x710
0000003E 4Edec si
0000003F AClodsb
00000040 3C00 cmp al,0x0
00000042 74FA jz 0x3e
00000044 BB0700mov bx,0x7
00000047 B40E mov ah,0xe
00000049 CD10 int 0x10
0000004B EBF2 jmp short 0x3f
0000004D 894625mov [bp+0x25],ax
00000050 96xchg ax,si
00000051 8A4604mov al,[bp+0x4]
00000054 B406 mov ah,0x6
00000056 3C0E cmp al,0xe
00000058 7411 jz 0x6b
0000005A B40B mov ah,0xb
0000005C 3C0C cmp al,0xc
0000005E 7405 jz 0x65
00000060 3AC4 cmp al,ah
00000062 752B jnz 0x8f
00000064 40inc ax
00000065 C6462506 mov byte [bp+0x25],0x6
00000069 7524 jnz 0x8f
0000006B BBAA55mov bx,0x55aa
0000006E 50push ax
0000006F B441 mov ah,0x41
00000071 CD13 int 0x13
00000073 58pop ax
00000074 7216 jc 0x8c
00000076 81db 0x81
00000077 FBsti
00000078 55push bp
00000079 AAstosb
0000007A 7510 jnz 0x8c
0000007C F6C101test cl,0x1
0000007F 740B jz 0x8c
00000081 8AE0 mov ah,al
00000083 885624mov [bp+0x24],dl
00000086 C706A106EB1E mov word [0x6a1],0x1eeb
0000008C 886604mov [bp+0x4],ah
0000008F BF0A00mov di,0xa
00000092 B80102mov ax,0x201
00000095 8BDC mov bx,sp
00000097 33C9 xor cx,cx
00000099 83FF05cmp di,byte +0x5
0000009C 7F03 jg 0xa1
0000009E 8B4E25mov cx,[bp+0x25]
000000A1 034E02add cx,[bp+0x2]
000000A4 CD13 int 0x13
000000A6 7229 jc 0xd1
000000A8 BE7507mov si,0x775
000000AB 81db 0x81
000000AC 3Edb 0x3E
000000AD FEdb 0xFE
000000AE 7D55 jnl 0x105
000000B0 AAstosb
000000B1 745A jz 0x10d
000000B3 83EF05sub di,byte +0x5
000000B6 7FDA jg 0x92
000000B8 85F6 test si,si
000000BA 7583 jnz 0x3f
000000BC BE3F07mov si,0x73f
000000BF EB8A jmp short 0x4b
000000C1 98cbw
000000C2 91xchg ax,cx
000000C3 52push dx
000000C4 99cwd
000000C5 034608add ax,[bp+0x8]
000000C8 13560Aadc dx,[bp+0xa]
000000CB E81200call 0xe0
000000CE 5Apop dx
000000CF EBD5 jmp short 0xa6
000000D1 4Fdec di
000000D2 74E4 jz 0xb8
000000D4 33C0 xor ax,ax
000000D6 CD13 int 0x13
000000D8 EBB8 jmp short 0x92
000000DA 0000 add [bx+si],al
000000DC 803810cmp byte [bx+si],0x10
000000DF 125633adc dl,[bp+0x33]
000000E2 F65656not byte [bp+0x56]
000000E5 52push dx
000000E6 50push ax
000000E7 06push es
000000E8 53push bx
000000E9 51push cx
000000EA BE1000mov si,0x10
000000ED 56push si
000000EE 8BF4 mov si,sp
000000F0 50push ax
000000F1 52push dx
000000F2 B80042mov ax,0x4200
000000F5 8A5624mov dl,[bp+0x24]
000000F8 CD13 int 0x13
000000FA 5Apop dx
000000FB 58pop ax
000000FC 8D6410lea sp,[si+0x10]
000000FF 720A jc 0x10b
00000101 40inc ax
00000102 7501 jnz 0x105
00000104 42inc dx
00000105 80C702add bh,0x2
00000108 E2F7 loop 0x101
0000010A F8clc
0000010B 5Epop si
0000010C C3ret
0000010D EB74 jmp short 0x183
0000010F 49dec cx
00000110 6Eoutsb
00000111 7661 jna 0x174
00000113 6Cinsb
00000114 69db 0x69
00000115 64207061 and [fs:bx+si+0x61],dh
00000119 7274 jc 0x18f
0000011B 69db 0x69
0000011C 7469 jz 0x187
0000011E 6Foutsw
0000011F 6Eoutsb
00000120 207461and [si+0x61],dh
00000123 626C65bound bp,[si+0x65]
00000126 2E205365 and [cs:bp+di+0x65],dl
0000012A 7475 jz 0x1a1
0000012C 7020 jo 0x14e
0000012E 63616Earpl [bx+di+0x6e],sp
00000131 6Eoutsb
00000132 6Foutsw
00000133 7420 jz 0x155
00000135 636F6Earpl [bx+0x6e],bp
00000138 7469 jz 0x1a3
0000013A 6Eoutsb
0000013B 7565 jnz 0x1a2
0000013D 2E004572 add [cs:di+0x72],al
00000141 726F jc 0x1b2
00000143 7220 jc 0x165
00000145 6Cinsb
00000146 6Foutsw
00000147 61popa
00000148 64db 0x64
00000149 69db 0x69
0000014A 6Eoutsb
0000014B 67206F70 and [edi+0x70],ch
0000014F 657261gs jc 0x1b3
00000152 7469 jz 0x1bd
00000154 6Eoutsb
00000155 67207379 and [ebx+0x79],dh
00000159 7374 jnc 0x1cf
0000015B 656D gs insw
0000015D 2E205365 and [cs:bp+di+0x65],dl
00000161 7475 jz 0x1d8
00000163 7020 jo 0x185
00000165 63616Earpl [bx+di+0x6e],sp
00000168 6Eoutsb
00000169 6Foutsw
0000016A 7420 jz 0x18c
0000016C 636F6Earpl [bx+0x6e],bp
0000016F 7469 jz 0x1da
00000171 6Eoutsb
00000172 7565 jnz 0x1d9
00000174 2E0000add [cs:bx+si],al
00000177 0000 add [bx+si],al
00000179 0000 add [bx+si],al
0000017B 0000 add [bx+si],al
0000017D 0000 add [bx+si],al
0000017F 0000 add [bx+si],al
00000181 0000 add [bx+si],al
00000183 8BFC mov di,sp
00000185 1Epush ds
00000186 57push di
00000187 8BF5 mov si,bp
00000189 CBretf
0000018A 6Foutsw
0000018B 7420 jz 0x1ad
0000018D 66726Fo32 jc 0x1ff
00000190 6Dinsw
00000191 20666Cand [bp+0x6c],ah
00000194 6Foutsw
00000195 7070 jo 0x207
00000197 792E jns 0x1c7
00000199 2E2E0000 add [cs:bx+si],al
0000019D 0000 add [bx+si],al
0000019F 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001A1 0010 add [bx+si],dl
000001A3 0001 add [bx+di],al
000001A5 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001A7 7C00 jl 0x1a9
000001A9 0008 add [bx+si],cl
000001AB 5Dpop bp
000001AC 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001AE 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001B0 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001B2 800000add byte [bx+si],0x0
000001B5 0D0E00or ax,0xe
000001B8 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001BA 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001BC F9stc
000001BD 3Faas
000001BE 800101add byte [bx+di],0x1
000001C1 0006FE3F add [0x3ffe],al
000001C5 B63F mov dh,0x3f
000001C7 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001C9 00B8DB2C add [bx+si+0x2cdb],bh
000001CD 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001CF 0001 add [bx+di],al
000001D1 B70B mov bh,0xb
000001D3 FEdb 0xFE
000001D4 BF0AF7mov di,0xf70a
000001D7 DB2C fld tword [si]
000001D9 005458add [si+0x58],dl
000001DC 53push bx
000001DD 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001DF 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001E1 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001E3 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001E5 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001E7 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001E9 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001EB 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001ED 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001EF 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001F1 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001F3 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001F5 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001F7 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001F9 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001FB 0000 add [bx+si],al
000001FD 0055AAadd [di-0x56],dl

I am not really experienced at all this so please mail me your suggestions, comments, death threats ;-)

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