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     This will give you the tools and instructions necessary to convert your DAO project to ADO.

This article has accompanying files

To convert your DAO project just follow these steps

Here are 9 steps to convert your DAO project to ADO. I have included version numbers but yours may vary.

I have also included a sample BAS file that will create an Access database file. Use this file as a model to create your own or you can download some nice code that will make this task much easier.


1. Add the following references to your project:

  • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6 Library
  • Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.5 for DDL and Security
  • Microsoft Jet and Replication Objects 2.5 Library

2. Remove references to Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library

3. Add the component Microsoft ADO Data Control (if required)

4. Replace any data bound controls with their ADO equivalents


  • Microsoft Data Bound Grid with Microsoft DataGrid Control (OLEDB)
  • Microsoft Data Bound List with Microsoft DataList Control (OLEDB)
  1. Add the attached BAS and CLS files to your application.
  • clsADOConnect.cls
  • modADO.bas
  • modADOdc.bas (only needed if you are using the ADO Data control)

6. Search your project for the following and replace as shown:

  • Dim MyDB As Database WITH Dim MyDB As ADODB.Connection
  • Dim MySet As Recordset WITH Dim MySet As ADODB.Recordset
  • Set MyDB = Workspaces(0).Opendatabase(dbFileName) WITH Call OpenDB(MyDB, , dbFileName)
  • Set MySet = MyDB.Openrecordset("Select * From Table") WITH Call OpenRS(MySet, "Select * From Table", MyDB)
  • Data1. DatabaseName= dbFileName AND Data1. RecordSource WITH ADOdcConnect(Data1, "Select * From Table", dbFileName)

The Following is true for FindFIrst, FindNext, FindLast, FindPrevious:

  • MySet.FindFirst "[LastName]=’Haueisen’" WITH ADOFindFirst(MySet, "[LastName]=’Haueisen’")
  • If MySet.NoMatch then WITH If Not ADOFindFirst(MySet, "[FieldName]=’Morgan’") then

The Following is true for FindFIrst, FindNext, FindLast, FindPrevious:

  • Data1.Recordset.FindFirst "[LastName]=’Haueisen’" WITH ADOdcFindFirst(MySet, "[LastName]=’Haueisen’")
  • If Data1.Recordset.NoMatch then WITH If Not ADOdcFindFirst(MySet, "[FieldName]=’Morgan’") then
  • Move your code from Data1_Reposition() to Data1_MoveComplete()
  • Move your code from Data1_Validate () to Data1_WillChangeRecord () and modify as necessary (Save = False to adStatus = adStatusCancel).
  • If you are using queries such as "Select * From Table Where [LastName] LIKE ‘Ha*’" you need to change them to look like "Select * From Table Where [LastName] LIKE ‘Ha%’"

7. Remove all MySet.Edit

  1. Use the following as needed:
  • ADOAttachTable
  • ADOCreateQuery
  • ADODeleteQuery
  • InitSettings (does some system stuff)
  • GetUserName (Returns a user’s login ID)

9. Test., Test, Test.

  • ADO follows the SQL rules for writing queries; so you may need to make some changes to any queries you have imbedded in your code. For example the word Size is a key word and this is the reason for the last line under step 6.

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