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Better Line Wrap

Submitted on: 1/25/2015 4:14:00 PM
By: Cesare Imperiali (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 5 Users
Compatibility: VB 6.0
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     Simple and fast Linewrap written with a bit of Vb standards. This one does same job as Sam Kopetzky one plus one feature: it can split lines in same length and if no space is found to split them, it will divide the word with a "-" char (lines will result 1 char longer than max you said!) The Sam Kopetzky code is compatible with all Vb versions, while this one is only for Vb6 - as it uses functions like Split and Join - but it may be easier to understand. If you want to take a look to Sam job, go here: [url][/url]

Windows API/Global Declarations:

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'Windows API/Global Declarations for :Better Line Wrap
'No copyright on this code. You can use it as you 
'Module bas code
Option Explicit
 Public Function MyJustify(theWholeText As String, theMaxLenOfLine As Integer, Optional blnForceSplit As Boolean = True) As String
Dim astrForcedLines() As String
Dim lngCounter As Long
Dim theTempString As String
'fragment for newlines
astrForcedLines = Split(theWholeText, vbCrLf)
'for each line (element of array)
'decide if line needs to be divided
'in smallest pieces
For lngCounter = LBound(astrForcedLines) To UBound(astrForcedLines)
 If Len(astrForcedLines(lngCounter)) > theMaxLenOfLine Then
 astrForcedLines(lngCounter) = fnctSplitIt(astrForcedLines(lngCounter), theMaxLenOfLine, blnForceSplit)
 End If
Next lngCounter
'rebuild final string
MyJustify = Join(astrForcedLines, vbCrLf)
 End Function
Private Function fnctSplitIt(strInput As String, Maxlen As Integer, blnForceSplit As Boolean) As String
 Dim intFoundPos As Integer
 Dim theSplitChar As String
 Dim theSplitLen As Integer
 'strip unnecessary right spaces
 strInput = RTrim(strInput)
 'the blnForceSplit is to determine if you want
 'fixed len lines where division is made with "-" char
 '(when breaking a word) and vbcrlf
 If blnForceSplit Then
Do While Len(strInput) > Maxlen
 If Mid(strInput, Maxlen, 1) = " " Then
 theSplitChar = ""
 theSplitChar = "-"
 End If
 fnctSplitIt = fnctSplitIt & Left(strInput, Maxlen) & theSplitChar & vbCrLf
 If Len(strInput) - Maxlen > 0 Then
 strInput = Right(strInput, Len(strInput) - Maxlen)
 'trim non significant left spaces
 strInput = LTrim(strInput)
 End If
'add last piece of string
fnctSplitIt = fnctSplitIt & strInput
 'If the blnForceSplit is false, then you want this code
 'do divide lines where a break is found (a space), and
 'only if a space is not found, you want it to divide lines
 'like before, with a "-" char when breaking a word
Do While Len(strInput) > Maxlen
 intFoundPos = InStrRev(strInput, " ", Maxlen)
 If intFoundPos > 0 Then
 fnctSplitIt = fnctSplitIt & Left(strInput, intFoundPos - 1) & vbCrLf
 theSplitLen = intFoundPos
 fnctSplitIt = fnctSplitIt & Left(strInput, Maxlen - 1) & "-" & vbCrLf
 theSplitLen = Maxlen
 End If
 If Len(strInput) - theSplitLen > 0 Then
strInput = Right(strInput, Len(strInput) + 1 - theSplitLen)
'trim non significant left spaces
strInput = LTrim(strInput)
 End If
'add last piece of string
fnctSplitIt = fnctSplitIt & strInput
 End If
End Function
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