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JPhotoBrush Image Editing Tool

Submitted on: 1/3/2015 9:49:00 AM
By: Tanveer Rameez (from psc cd)  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 4 Users
Compatibility: Java (JDK 1.2)
Views: 1833
     This is an Image Editing and Enhancement Application/Tool written in Java 1.3 making extensive use of Swings and Java2D. Ofcourse I won't say it competes with Adobe PhotoShop,Ulead's PhotoImpact, but its not one of those run-of-the-mill image editing tools. The cool thing about it is that it can run in any java supported platforms.It has innumerable features, has friendly user interface and has been succesfully tested in Windows 9x/Nt/2000/ME, Solaris, Linux, IRIX, Macintosh and OS/2. And version 2.0 has the plugin concepts where you can add you own or a third party plugin !!. Plus it is a freeware (for non-commercial use). However if anyone would like to support further development and enhancement, they are most welcome to make their contribution financially and technically. Features include : * Brightness/contrast controls, grayscaling, color invert etc * Filters: Blur/Smooth, Sharpen, edge detections, emboss etc * Noise reduction and generation * Cool effects like-Diffuse, Mosaic,Venetian Blinds, Buttonize, Solarize, Scramble, Wave, Camera effects, Plaster effects, Oil Painting etc * Histogram and Histogram equalization * Blending, overlaying, arithmetic/logical operations of mutliple images. * Image Resizing, rotation,shear,flipping etc. * Rendering effects include- spotlight effects etc * Includes an Image Browser displaying thumbnails of images in the selected folder. * Image warping, adding text (with user selectable textured background) etc * Free hand and line/rectangle/oval drawing with customised width,color,line style and cap style * One level undo and redo * Multiple page image printing facility with Print Preview * Zoom in/Zoom out options * Drag and Drop facilty (dragging images from Windows Explorer opens it up, dragging folders into the applications opens the image browser) * JPhotoBrush Plugins enabled * Mouse Wheeling supported in Windows and much much more . More and more feature added with each release.

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