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Nexus Special Edition 8.5.1w Replacement shell for Windows

Submitted on: 4/27/2002 8:10:43 PM
By: ByteForce UK  
Level: Advanced
User Rating: By 10 Users
Compatibility: VB 5.0, VB 6.0
Views: 13364
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(About the author)
     Nexus Special Edition is a replacement \ companion shell for MS Windows. It has many features, over 4MB worth of pure source code and commented generously.. Multiple user enabled, User rights policy system, Icon Transition FX, Skinnable theme components, RSA Encryption, Lock desktop icons with password, lock computer, built in Snake game, Shortcut menus, etc etc... The .zip file contains System files, Compiled installation (required for media and folder structure) and the source code. If you have any trouble getting the code to work, e-mail me and I'll try to help you as best as I can :). May even put a FAQ section up on my website. More screenshots available at http:\\\d20\vbfiles\files\nexus\nexus_scr\index.html. Find out about my new shell im developing at http:\\\d20\vbfiles\vb.html. Please feel free to e-mail me any suggestions about Nexus\EZShell [in development]. Enjoy! PS: You will need WinRAR from to extract the source code element. (WinRAR is higher compression) 6MB download includes all required components. Background taken from Module PROBas.bas by unknown author [refers to non-working]. I have a new shell in the works at the moment that will supersede Nexus [view website 4 details]. Mail me if you have any questions. Hope you like the code guys!

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Other User Comments

4/27/2002 8:57:01 PM

Very Nice.
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4/28/2002 6:51:56 AMRent_Me

Sry, didn't worked on my Win XP(pro) i still saw my st*pid taskbar, giving you a 4 globes do for the great idea and i can see that you've put a lot of work in it, any more great idea's like them, post them!!!
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4/28/2002 7:07:30 AM

Rent_Me, if you were smart enough to read the readme, you'll see that you need to hide the taskabar.
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4/28/2002 8:03:45 AMdaniel pramel

Why don't you hide the taskbar from your program. if you need the apicall, then mail me.

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4/28/2002 8:35:55 AMAvEnGeR

Looks nice! Let's see if that gives me some ideas for my shell replacement...
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4/28/2002 5:16:41 PMGeoffrey Hazen

Very nice, 5 globes from me. Where did you get that Background? Can you send it to me?
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4/29/2002 8:37:20 AMM a t t = H a l l

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

The background I used was taken from in the wallpaper website.

Please do read all the text files that are included, otherwise you might find Nexus doesnt work properly.. As for the Windows XP Pro issue, I have Windows XP Pro, and it works just fine! [with the taskbar hidden] ;). If anyone wants any help on how the code works or if you dont understand something about it, just drop me an e-mail and I'll give you some support! Im not going to be releasing any more updates for this project, as I am working on a new shell called EZShell, which you can read up on via my website in the VB Source section.

Once again, thanks everyone!
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4/29/2002 10:07:27 AMRussell H.

Nice code. I give it four globes due to the fact that you have to hide the taskbar manually. Otherwise perfect!
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9/16/2002 2:05:45 PMSkitzo Monk

pretty dam nice!!
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10/28/2002 6:14:56 AM

I can't find the Sourse Code for this Project!! If anyone has it can you send it to me!!!
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1/2/2004 9:59:05 PMPatrick Weber

Its in the Nexus851_source.rar. If your computer cant read .rar files you want WinRAR available from
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3/22/2004 7:20:07 PMLee Stuart Cook

Wow, this is an excellent creation, thanks..
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10/21/2004 4:13:55 AMDaniel Cassar

is it a alternate shell or is it just a program that runs ontop of the windows shell that loads exe files?
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10/21/2004 12:31:04 PMByteForce UK


This is a replacement shell for Windows. You can use it alongside the Explorer shell, however, it was designed to be run stand alone.

Thanks for your interest.
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