MS Access 97 : Undocumented Startup option that repairs and optimizes

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By: John Galanopoulos (from psc cd)  
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     While searching for a way to repair a corrupted database file, that couldn't be fixed with just Repair and Compact, i found this undocumented option that prooved to repair and optimize my database file. Read the whole article. Any comments or feedback are welcomed.


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The undocumented /decompile option

I don’t know how many of you, are familiar to this, but there is an undocumented option on MS Access 97 that can be issued not only as a command line option to a database, that has a small chance of recovery, but also to a database that has many objects (Tables, forms, reports, source etc) and works very slowly or has a strange attitude or even memory leaks.

What this option seems to do, is a “cold boot” to the database file that we try to fix or optimize. It reorganizes every object respectively in a way, that results to a more efficient and Well structured database file.

Take a closer look to the steps we must take so that this hidden option works at it’s best :

           1.Create a backup of the original database file.

     2.Open the database file like this

            Msaccess.exe /decompile mydb.mdb the database file, select a module and go to design view

      4. from the menu, select Compile and save all modules

      5. Then compact your database file..

.. and that’s it.

In most cases, a corrupted database file should be fixed. In every case though, mostly in a slow, heavy-duty database file you ‘ll notice that the file size of the mdb will be reduced, the memory leaks will also be reduced and finally no strange behaviour will be noticed.

More information about how to repair an access database file, can be found here :

      ACC97: How to Repair a Damaged Jet 3.5 Database (Q279334);EN-US;q279334

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