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AutoUpdate - ActiveX EXE

Submitted on: 11/5/2001 3:51:35 PM
By: Dino Damalas  
Level: Intermediate
User Rating: By 4 Users
Compatibility: VB 6.0
Views: 13953
     clsUpdate is a ActiveX EXE that can be called from an executable and used to download program updates from a remote FTP Server. You can download multiple files, supports closing and restarting the app, shows file progress stats, and because it is an ActiveX EXE, it can run without the calling app. The code has lots of commenting, so it should be easy to follow.
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Other User Comments

1/3/2002 5:59:00 PMMick Jones

Very good code. Just what I was looking for!
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1/8/2002 6:10:39 PMDavid L

Looks like really tight code, but I am
having a problem in clsUpdate. The sub UpdateApplication is gacking when I attempt to update the actual application exe file. It cannot copy over the file, because it is still running. I noticed you had an objwindow.Killapp commented out, which I am assuming was an attempt to actually delete the exe. What am I missing? Thanx...
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1/8/2002 6:33:24 PMDino

Sorry about that... I started writing this app and got sidetracked. Haven't tested everything. The project I wrote it for has never needed to shut it down ..yet. My original intent was to have this object called from code and pass it the proper settings and close out the app. Since it is an ActiveX exe, it could continue to run even without the calling program running, but my thinking was flawed. What will actually happen is that the object will get called run and finish running without making it to the application shutdown statement. The best solution is probably to pass the app hwnd to the activex exe and shut down the app using a win api call. I try working on it some more and post a newer version.
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1/8/2002 6:46:30 PMDavid L

Yeah, thats the route I was gonna take.
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1/14/2002 11:02:36 AMBrad

Lemme know when if you have an updated version...Thanx
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3/27/2002 12:23:09 PMNancy Z

Nice Code!

I have a problem in CFTP/ function GETFTPFILESIZE:
I want to download 5 setup files from FTP server, one of them is 13.6M. When I run the application on Windows NT4, everything is excellent. But when I run it on Windows 2000. It failed for downloading the third file. I debugged, the reason is FtpFindFirstFile()didn't return a value for the third file. I checked Microsoft web site, it says this API requires Minimum operating systems Windows NT. I think it should work on Win2K, am I wrong? Thanks!
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5/6/2002 3:55:50 AMIan Gregson

Hi there, it looks really good but when I load in the project1 which calls the activex exe it gives an error saying "Could not create reference", but I have compiled it with /regserver ... I can of course goto reference and choose it manually but shouldn't it be using the same GUID or something??

THanks in advance

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8/14/2002 3:48:48 PMjmoises

I was not able to make run on XP.
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5/3/2007 6:53:20 AMJoaquin Marcher

great code.

this codes are very useful if in your programs, you estimate to make various littles changes and you don't want to say to all the users "Download the new fix from the website" :P

Thanks, really thanks for this amazing code =)
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