The MVX Game Engine

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     The MVX Game Engine is a combination of various functions and classes you can use to create your own video games or DirectX8 applications.

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				 Lost Side Dead Presents 

MVX is a full, open-source video game making engine. MVX is packed with features.
DirectX8 Graphics
MVX uses a lot of the new 2D features created with the advent of DirectX8.
Direct Input
Support for keyboard and mouse input is integreated into MVX in an easy to use fashion. Seamlessly initialize and do commands with the use of MVX.
Direct Sound
Support for loading mp3 files, as well as wav files for sound playback. Create music and sound effects to add to your programs.

mvxMediaX class by Lee Trager. Use it to load & play mp3's as well as a whole host of other media types very easily.

MVX can load a variety of different images, and apply various effects to them. Such effects include rotations, scalings, and alpha-blending.
A integrated 2D particle engine is already in MVX. Use the 2D particle engine to create wonderful looking explosions and special effects.
mvxMap A Isometric tile map engine is also included with this version of MVX. With Isometric tiles you can create the classic psuedo3D look. Isometric Tiles are incredibly easy to use.
mvxIsoParticleEngine You can also imitate the 3D look with the Isometric particle engine. Particles in this mode will bounce off of blocks and look really cool.
Expandable, Upgradable
MVX comes with FULL OPEN SOURCE. You want to change the way MVX does something? Just edit the files. It's as easy at that. Creating an application in MVX is incredibly easy, and requires no knowledge of DirectX at all. MVX is also going to be constantly upgraded, and Jared Bruni's MAS will so be integrated in as well.
Download MVX Engine

Current Tutorials
Setting up a MVX Application
Using mvxImages

More Tutorials are coming soon

MVX Engine Examples
Using MVX Images
mvxParticleEngine2D Example

Selected screens from MVX demo applications

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