Java IDE

Submitted on: 1/2/2015 3:41:00 PM
By: ELA (from psc cd)  
Level: Intermediate
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Compatibility: Java (JDK 1.2)
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     Just for let you know that I posted a Java IDE application in Visual Basic section. Maybe this will help those of you who prefer doing everything at ms-dos prompt. Any feedback will be greatly apreciated.

				Java IDE
As the name states, this application is intended to be a simple and useful IDE for Java fans, especially for those who prefer to compile and run their programs directly via MA-DOS Prompt.
What do you need:
- a MS-DOS Prompt window opened (if you use other shortcut than the one in Start/Programs name it axactly "MS-DOS Prompt")
- the path for JDK included in PATH system variable
What do you get:
- one click Compile, Run or Compile/Run commands (including automatic save before compiling) - TIP: after compile or run is finished just move the mouse ABOVE "Compile/Run/Both buttons area" and the focus will be back in edited class
- multiple classes development in the same time 
- you can assign this application for JAVA file type to open it when you double click a file in explorer
- you can improve it as you want
Possible bugs.So, do some backups on your java class files as long I didn't have enough time to find out if everything is working properly. Any feedback will be greatly apreciated.
As long as the programm uses the clipboard to send compiling commands, pay attention to not have a too big amount of text in the clipboard (it will be saved and restored after each compile/run command).

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