Next generation internet architecture

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     We can develop a open source software platform that is superior to .NET, different elements are outlined below:

				Next Generation eBusiness Infrastructure
I propose that we build a competing technology to Microsoft.NET and make it open source. We allow for everything that .NET allows except all knowledge will be shared with the world. The infrastructure software will consist of the follow elements:

Operating system-
This will naturally be some form of Linux
Application Server-
A competing technology to ASP.NET,JSP, and Cold Fusion, in terms of scripting we may use PHP for this or create new scripting language.
Enterprise Software Applications-
We can use current open source software for this like MySQL for the database, and other applications that give a user the same functionality and even more, than applications like exchange.
A technology that combines an open source IM client with an open source web service technology. Since information about how hailstorm works, is already out, we can mimic all of this
.NET Web Services-
An XML based technology that is identical to Microsoft's except its open source
Development tools-
We can enhance the functionality of open source development tools, and make it extremely easy to write web services, and use other people's web services
I will be setting a community on source forge, so everyone remember to check that out, and let me know what you think about, and lets start contributing code and moving this thing forward so that we can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. I also believe that Planet-Source-Code should back up this project, and infect that this should be ground zero for all development work, emends amounts of code will be written, and what better way to deliver it, than through this website.
Please post any comments that you have. Thanks.

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