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Submitted on: 4/6/2017 12:45:52 AM
By: Benebo Braide 
Level: Advanced
User Rating: Unrated
Compatibility: C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++
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This is a C++11 OOP win32 project/framework intended for easier win32 programming


  • C++11 comforming compiler or IDE
  • Boost libraries
  • EasyHook Native hook
  • Other dependencies are included


  • Create hierarchical windows - Top level, Framed, Child, etc
  • Create dialog boxes - Modal, Modeless
  • Create win32 controls
  • Create hierarchical menus - Menubar, Context menus, etc
  • Create non-window(graphics designed) objects that interact seamlessly with windowed objects
  • Override only messages you're interested in - Suitable default processing for all messages
  • Bind event listeners to events to respond to events raised by objects
  • Perform background tasks while an application is idle
  • Several other features


  • Created basic structures
  • Implemented message queue
  • Application object partially implemented
  • Partially implemented message dispatch to target windows/objects
  • Implemented different window types
  • Implemented menus - menu items, popups, and bars
  • Implemented(partially) event handling - event object, listeners, and dispatching
  • Menu collections - in-place menu insertions
  • Menu radio items and checks with corresponding events
  • Introduced Direct2D and GDI graphics


This was a project I started a while ago. I am starting afresh and will be updating this submission when applicable.

Contributors are welcome - visit or leave me an email if you would like to contribute

I've reached the 50mb file size limit. Future updates will not be possible

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