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Copy files v2.0

Submitted on: 9/9/2016 9:42:07 PM
By: Ben128  
Level: Beginner
User Rating: Unrated
Compatibility: C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++
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     Here is a project that can copy all files, from one folder to a different one for now it only copyies all file types and also no sub folder is supported, anyway hope you like it comments welcome. see usage in code on how to use. Tested on Windows only.
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// Name: Copy files v2.0
// Description:Here is a project that can copy all files, from one folder to a different one for now it only copyies all file types and also no sub folder is supported, anyway hope you like it comments welcome. see usage in code on how to use. Tested on Windows only.
// By: Ben128

// Usage:
// fc c:\games\doom\ c:\backup\doomwads\ /CS:1024
// Copy files with differnt size and no messages displayed using /q flag
// Usage:
// fc c:\games\doom\ c:\backup\doomwads\ /CS:2048 /Q
#include <iostream>
#include <Windows.h>
using namespace std;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;
string LCase(string s){
	string s0 = s;
	int i = 0;
	while (i < s0.length()){
		s0[i] = tolower(s0[i]);
	return s0;
string FixPath(string src){
	if (src[src.length() - 1] != '\\'){
		return src + "\\";
	return src;
bool MyFileCopy(string src, string dest, int chunksize){
	FILE *fin = NULL;
	FILE *fout = NULL;
	char *Buffer = NULL;
	size_t BytesRead = 0;
	rsize_t BytesWrite = 0;
	//Open source file.
	fin = fopen(src.c_str(), "rb");
	if (!fin){
		return false;
	fout = fopen(dest.c_str(), "wb");
	if (!fout){
		return false;
	//Resize Buffer
	Buffer = new char[chunksize];
	//Do file copy.
	//Get first data
	BytesRead = fread(Buffer, sizeof(char), chunksize, fin);
	//While not end of file read
	while (!feof(fin)){
		//Write data
		BytesWrite = fwrite(Buffer, sizeof(char), BytesRead, fout);
		//Read in new data.
		BytesRead = fread(Buffer, sizeof(char), chunksize, fin);
	//Write remaining data.
	BytesWrite = fwrite(Buffer, sizeof(char), BytesRead, fout);
	//Tidy up time.
	return true;
int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
	//Backup files from one folder to the other.
	char DirName[_MAX_PATH];
	//Tools variables
	int pos = 0;
	int Copied = 0;
	int Skipped = 0;
	int cpychunksize = 1024;
	//Folder and files variables
	string sSrcFolder = "";
	string sDestFolder = "";
	string sDirTemp = "";
	string Temp = "";
	string DestFile = "";
	string SrcFile = "";
	string ScanSrcDir = "";
	//Program arguments
	int parms = 3;
	bool Qmode = false;
	string sSwitch = "";
	//Find file variables
	HANDLE f = 0;
	if (argc < 3){
		cout << "Usage: <SourceDir><DestDir>" << endl;
	while (parms < argc){
		if (argv[parms][0] == '/'){
			sSwitch = LCase(argv[parms]);
			//Check for : in switch
			pos = sSwitch.find(':');
			if (pos != string::npos){
				//Check for chunksize for the file copy function.
				if (sSwitch.substr(1, pos - 1) == "cs"){
					cpychunksize = atoi(sSwitch.substr(pos + 1).c_str());
					if (cpychunksize == 0){
						cpychunksize = 1024;
				//End of chunk size code
				//Process other prams
				//Quite mode. does not display messages.
				if (sSwitch == "/q"){
					Qmode = true;
	//return 0;
	//Get source folder
	strcpy(DirName, argv[1]);
	sSrcFolder = FixPath(DirName);
	//Get dest folder
	strcpy(DirName, argv[2]);
	sDestFolder =FixPath(DirName);
	//Get last folder name from source path.
	sSrcFolder = FixPath(sSrcFolder);
	if (sSrcFolder[sSrcFolder.length() - 1] == '\\'){
		sDirTemp = sSrcFolder.substr(0, sSrcFolder.length() - 1);
		//Find last slash
		pos = sDirTemp.find_last_of('\\');
		//Check for last backslash in path.
		if (pos != string::npos){
			//Erase the path and just keep last folder name.
			sDirTemp.erase(0, pos+1);
			//Build new dest path
			Temp = sDestFolder + sDirTemp + "\\";
			//Create dest folder.
			CreateDirectoryA(sDestFolder.c_str(), NULL);
			//Create dest folder.
			CreateDirectoryA(Temp.c_str(), NULL);
			//Create the dest folder.
			sDestFolder = Temp;
			//Copy all files from source folder to dest
			//Set ScanSrcDir to fetch all file types.
			ScanSrcDir = sSrcFolder + "*.*";
			if (!Qmode){
				//Output source and destination paths
				cout << "Source: " << sSrcFolder.c_str() << endl;
				cout << "Destination : " << sDestFolder.c_str() << endl << endl;
			//Get the first file.
			f = FindFirstFileA(ScanSrcDir.c_str(), &wfd);
			//Check for inaild return.
				cout << "Error scanning...." << sSrcFolder.c_str() << endl;
			//Gets the files.
			while (FindNextFileA(f, &wfd) != false){
				if (wfd.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY){
					//Left for folders
					//Maybe I update this to scan sub folders to.
					//Set input and output filenames
					SrcFile = sSrcFolder + wfd.cFileName;
					DestFile = sDestFolder + wfd.cFileName;
					//Copy files over to sDestFolder
					if (!MyFileCopy(SrcFile.c_str(), DestFile.c_str(), cpychunksize)){
						//Test for quite mode
						if (!Qmode){
							cout << wfd.cFileName << " ...Faild" << endl;
							//INC skipped files
						//Test for quite mode
						if (!Qmode){
							//Output ok copy message.
							cout << wfd.cFileName << " ...OK" << endl;
							//INC copied counter.
			//Test for quite mode
			if (!Qmode){
				//Output the number of copyied and skipped files.
				cout << endl;
				cout << "Files Coppied : " << Copied << endl;
				cout << "Files Skipped : " << Skipped << endl;

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