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Murach's HTML 5 and CSS 3: third edition

Submitted on: 7/12/2015 10:25:49 PM
By: Ian Ippolito (PSC)  
Level: Beginner
User Rating: Unrated
Compatibility: HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript
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     Review of Murach's HTML 5 and CSS 3: third edition by Anne Bohem and Zak Ruvalcaba.

HTML 5 is the premier technology for creating websites that run on any type of device. However, using it is not easy. It requires not only knowledge of HTML 5, but also of CSS, responsive design and JavaScript. This book is great because it covers all of these in one book.

While not recommended for experts in those areas, this book is recommended for people who are learning.

The first eight chapters of the book are crash course in HTML and CSS, as well as responsive web design. If you're not already familiar with these topics, it's a great introduction.

The second section of the book, covers more advanced HTML and CSS skills. It includes working with images, tables, forms, audio and video, fonts, and CSS 3 transitions/transform/animation/filters.

The third section of the book covers JavaScript and Jquery for the nonprogrammer. There's an introduction to JavaScript, Jquery, Jquery UI, widgets: plug-ins and how to use Jquery mobile to build mobile websites.

Finally, the last two chapters of the book talk about how to design and deploy a website. It covers usability, design guidelines, getting a web host and domain name, transferring files, etc.

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