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  Back BufferBack BufferC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++Intermediate /
PlanetCPP-Chris(Hound)/Micheal(xix) (from psc cd)
1294 since
1/2/2015 10:21:00 PM

By 2 Users

       Here is an example of how to use back-buffer device contexts for on-screen animation; the basis for all graphical gamesClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  beep lib output port x86beep lib output port x86C, C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, UNIX C++Beginner /
115 since
6/6/2018 11:40:58 AM
       beep lib output port x86
  Bidirectional InterlacingBidirectional InterlacingC++ (general)Intermediate /
Mud Blud (from psc cd)
1201 since
1/5/2015 3:40:00 AM

By 6 Users

       lets you hide an image inside another, only visible in internet explorer when you highlight the image. shows how to create translucent layers, get the average color of a picture and how to extract the RGB values from an int color as well as some other stu ...(description truncated)Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
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  Bitmap Animation ViewerBitmap Animation ViewerC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++Intermediate /
Derick Dong (from psc cd)
941 since
1/2/2015 4:40:00 AM

By 4 Users

       This program loads bitmaps as frames of animations. Then, you can play back the frames. The program lets you add frames, clear all the frames, play the animation, and stop the animation. You can also adjust the speed at which the animation is played. Its ...(description truncated)
  Bitmap FadingBitmap FadingC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++Advanced /
PlanetCPP-Chris(Hound)/Micheal(xix) (from psc cd)
1360 since
1/6/2015 7:38:00 AM

By 3 Users

       This example shows how to fade one bitmap into another. Shows how to use GetDIBits for fast image manipulation. Also features images of Anna Kournikova :O). Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Bitmap ViewerBitmap ViewerC, C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++Advanced /
Xeo (from psc cd)
1048 since
1/2/2015 10:15:00 AM

By 4 Users

       Bitmap viewer, good way to learn how to draw thingsClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  BMP show simple programBMP show simple programC, C++ (general), Borland C++Intermediate /
CreationNext (from psc cd)
847 since
1/3/2015 7:17:00 AM

By 6 Users

       Simple understandable fuction to show the 640x480x16 color is helpfull function to make the graphics program.
  Boarder Design Using Delay. In CBoarder Design Using Delay. In CC, C++ (general), Borland C++Advanced /
John Bryan N. Saguisag (from psc cd)
7212 since
1/10/2015 12:45:00 PM

By 4 Users

       to give informations.
  CapturePictureCapturePictureMicrosoft Visual C++Intermediate /
Anonymous (from psc cd)
1377 since
1/2/2015 7:01:00 AM

By 9 Users

       This code uses Video for Windows to capture single frames from a system video source in a specified time interval(in seconds). The Frames are saved as Bitmaps or as one AVI File. Don't forget: You need a videodevice for this to work!
  CAR 3-DCAR 3-DBorland C++Beginner /
Gaurav Creations (from psc cd)
1030 since
1/1/2015 1:09:00 PM

By 11 Users

       Wow A 3D car created using borland c++.You are able to view the car from any angle as it rotates around every possible angle and axis.Please Vote For This Code. For more 3D programs and help in bc++ visit my site

Search Results: Page 4 of 16 found. Entries 31 - 40 of 155 found
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