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  Cyber ShipCyber ShipC++ (general)Intermediate /
Anachronism (from psc cd)
1700 since
1/1/2015 7:34:00 AM

By 7 Users

       Pure Entertainment. A space shoot-em-up game. Shoot the spce aliens before they shoot you.Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Connect4Connect4C++ (general)Intermediate /
Psychotomus Sim (from psc cd)
1472 since
1/1/2015 7:24:00 AM

By 12 Users

       4 in a row and you win.. this is an old classic game of connect4..Only 2 players at the current time, but 1 player mode will be added within days
  The Game of LifeThe Game of LifeC, C++ (general)Advanced /
Pavlos Touboulidis (from psc cd)
2116 since
1/1/2015 7:07:00 AM

By 5 Users

       This is an implementation of the infamous 'Game of Life'. Made with VC6, as Win32 application. Demonstrates double-buffering, window clipping regions, bitmap buttons and more.Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
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  A simple math enhancer gameA simple math enhancer gameC++ (general)Beginner /
Anonymous (from psc cd)
2674 since
1/1/2015 6:11:00 AM

By 10 Users

       This code is an example of advanced if/else statements using the shell of a math game.
  Playing CardsPlaying CardsC++ (general)Beginner /
Eli (from psc cd)
1823 since
1/1/2015 6:01:00 AM

By 4 Users

       A simple program for playing cards manipulation. The program can shuffle a deck, print cards, deal cards to players and check for flushes.
  SnakerSnakerC++ (general)Intermediate /
Anachronism (from psc cd)
1696 since
1/1/2015 5:28:00 AM

By 8 Users

       Its a clone of the classic microsoft qbasic game nibbles, but its written in C++ and it has a few adjustments & modifications here and there, such as doors, smart worms, and bouncing balls.Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Hi-Low GameHi-Low GameC, C++ (general)Beginner /
David J (from psc cd)
1109 since
1/1/2015 4:52:00 AM

By 4 Users

       A simple guess the number game.
  Black JackBlack JackC, C++ (general)Beginner /
David J (from psc cd)
4559 since
1/1/2015 4:48:00 AM

By 8 Users

       *Updated* This is a basic BlackJack program. You play against the computer using a 52 card deck. I rewrote most of the code so now it is easier to read and to maintain. Please let me know if you find any bugs or want any features added.
  blackjack 21: console gameblackjack 21: console gameC++ (general)Intermediate /
Anonymous (from psc cd)
2734 since
1/1/2015 3:58:00 AM

By 2 Users

       BLACKJACK VS THE COMP, My code probably isn't that great, but it works...
  Tic Tac Toe with Human AITic Tac Toe with Human AIC++ (general)Intermediate /
Andy Williams (from psc cd)
834 since
1/1/2015 3:56:00 AM

By 8 Users

       The purpose for me was to create a simple game so that I could get exposure to Artifical Intellegence. I think I've suceeded in making a good bit of code with good, human like AI. I don't think you could find a more challenging player. If anyone can make ...(description truncated)
  Wolfenstein 3D Source CodeWolfenstein 3D Source CodeC++ (general)Advanced /
Ronny-André Bendiksen (from psc cd)
3315 since
1/1/2015 3:05:00 AM

By 5 Users

       This is the source code of the great old classic game Wolfenstein 3D!!! Visit for more!
  Slot machine GameSlot machine GameC, C++ (general)Intermediate /
Found on the World Wide Web (from psc cd)
3099 since
1/1/2015 12:23:00 AM

By 3 Users

       A slot machine game created by Kevin Presa. Found at:

Search Results: Page 14 of 14 found. Entries 261 - 272 of 272 found
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