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  A simple Stack VMA simple Stack VMCBeginner /
1223 since
10/27/2019 8:11:25 PM
       Hi this shows the basic idea of how to build a very simple virtual machine the code is very basic for now but does compile from source code to byte code and is executed by the VM see the included examples. to compile use the make files on windows or Linux ...(description truncated)
  Move FilesMove FilesCIntermediate /
Philippe RIO
1508 since
10/27/2019 8:54:33 AM
       I have many cheerleaders images everywhere in my pc, they all were into one folder. I could not access to them using an image viewer, too many files (>200 000 !). So, I decided to create folders and to store 1000 files into each one. Making by hand was to ...(description truncated)
  My CleanerMy CleanerCIntermediate /
Philippe RIO
1639 since
10/27/2019 8:49:25 AM
       It is a test program to clean your pc running under Windows.
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  Delete FileDelete FileCIntermediate /
Philippe RIO
1565 since
10/27/2019 8:47:14 AM
       A simple file to show how to delete any files. I use DeleteFile which erase files without using the trash, use SHFILE_OPERATION for that. You can use NtDeleteFiles to erase any files even locked files.
  LogLogCBeginner /
Philippe RIO
1634 since
10/27/2019 8:25:15 AM
       Add a simple log to your program.
  SkeletonSkeletonCBeginner /
Philippe RIO
1257 since
10/27/2019 8:18:38 AM
       Skeleton is a skeleton program. It offers the following : A Log. A toolbar. A bar of tabs. A status bar. A splash screen. Drag'n Drop management. WM_NOTIFY management for tabs. A display module in different languages. Keyboard shortcut management. The con ...(description truncated)
  List Images and ViewerList Images and ViewerMicrosoft Visual C++Beginner /
2297 since
3/31/2019 12:40:16 PM
       List the selected images of a folder. With double click on the selected item, visualize that image. Click here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Quicksort demoQuicksort demoC++ (general)Advanced /
Mike Smith
2671 since
12/21/2018 4:39:49 PM
       Quicksort demo
  ATM Simulator OSXATM Simulator OSXC++ (general)Beginner /
Yung $cared
4170 since
12/4/2016 5:18:33 AM
       Based on ATM Simulation by Kevin Oliver. Made for OSX. Please tell me your thoughts on it. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
  Get Some PC InfoGet Some PC InfoC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++Beginner /
2012 since
8/18/2016 9:59:46 AM
       Hi this is a small project I made to return some computer info such as username, computername temp and system folders and more hope you find the code usfull.
  StopWatchStopWatchC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, UNIX C++Beginner /
2945 since
8/17/2016 8:22:29 AM
       Simple class to measure the execution time of code. Should run with any C++ compiler.
  DM VSmallVM (Very Small Virutal Machine) - UpdateDM VSmallVM (Very Small Virutal Machine) - UpdateMicrosoft Visual C++Beginner /
2521 since
8/10/2016 10:30:44 AM
       This was a projected started as a basic stack include that was going to be used in a smallRPN Calulator but some how turned into shows a basic made up, computer UPDATE 10/7/2016Support for 15 registers, Inplanted Div, Inplanted printing single cha ...(description truncated)
  finding g.c.d of multiple numbersfinding g.c.d of multiple numbersCIntermediate /
8344 since
12/30/2015 10:00:29 AM
       This program will find the g.c.d of multiple numbers
  Object SerializationObject SerializationC++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++Intermediate /
Benebo Braide
2662 since
7/31/2015 9:18:36 AM
       <h2> Boost-like serialization. Targeted at those that might be interested in designing their own simple or more sophisticated serializers </h2> <h3> Serialize: </h3> <ul> <li>Fundamental types</li> <li>Arrays and Dynamic Arrays< ...(description truncated)
  Digital ClockDigital ClockC, C++ (general)Beginner /
Abhinash (from psc cd)
5555 since
1/10/2015 12:00:00 PM

By 2 Users

       This is a C++ source code of a digital clock. Compiled with Dev-C++
  Console Media PlayerConsole Media PlayerC++ (general)Advanced /
T J Betsworth (from psc cd)
1587 since
1/9/2015 10:51:00 PM

By 2 Users

       plays avi,wmv,wav and midi filesClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  FileSearchFileSearchMicrosoft Visual C++Intermediate /
VIJITH VIJAYAN (from psc cd)
1954 since
1/9/2015 7:48:00 PM

By 3 Users

       This Application will search for the specified FileClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)
  Get Input from Console and Output Results to Html File - C++Get Input from Console and Output Results to Html File - C++C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, UNIX C++Beginner /
Nootat (from psc cd)
4312 since
1/9/2015 2:18:00 PM

By 4 Users

       This program get text input from user dynamically, and output user's input to html file. Output is going to be in simple html format. At the end, it tells user how many sentences he/she wrote. Note: i try to make my source codes easy to understand by givi ...(description truncated)
  File CutterFile CutterCAdvanced /
Sumit Gaur (from psc cd)
1408 since
1/9/2015 10:21:00 AM

By 5 Users

       A simple but effective file cutter program that splits a file of any type(mp3s,videos,exes..) to desired number of small files. it also generates a small batch file that is used to combine those files.
  Check ImageCheck ImageC++ (general)Advanced /
T J Betsworth (from psc cd)
1899 since
1/9/2015 8:44:00 AM

By 2 Users

       displays a 8x8 square check imageClick here to see a screenshot of this code!(ScreenShot)

Search Results: Page 1 of 10 found. Entries 1 - 20 of 190 found
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