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Personal info:
  • I was born on 1965 in Brazil but I am living on USA, now.
  • I am a newborn Christian and attend to the First Assembly of God Church in Boca Raton, FL.
  • At the moment, I am going through a heartbreaking divorce.
  • I love to play Chess and volleyball.
  • I used to be a programmer but, since I moved from New York to Florida, I am working on odd jobs. It's been tough!!
  • I still enjoy programming with Visual Basic on my spare time.

Thatís it. :)

Professional info:

I started out with computers on 1995. Have been working with it since 1998.

  • I begun by doing, mainly, websites and some advanced JavaScript.
  • I consider myself as a skilled graphics designer.
  • Have produced a few multimedia presentations professionally. (I used mostly Adobe Premier and Macromedia Director.)
  • Started programming with Visual Basic on mid 2000.
  • I speak and write in English and Portuguese and read and speak Spanish fluently (Studied Spanish at school for a year. I, also, read many Chess books in Spanish).