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  • Method '~' of object '~' failed.

    by A_X_O
    11/23/2015 7:36:47 PM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Visual Basic

    Resolving the Method '~' of object '~' failed. when you start VB6 These methods have solved "almost" all of the VB6 startup errors of this type, but not all.

  • How to Manage Attachments in Existing & New Email Messages using Java inside Android Apps

    by Sherazam
    12/23/2015 8:19:03 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Java/Javascript

    This technical tip shows how to manage attachments in email message inside Android Apps. In some circumstances developers want to access and manipulate an email's attachments. Aspose.Email for Android provides a handful of collections and methods to extract attachments and work with them in other ways. Furthermore, using this API, it is possible to add and remove attachments at run time. To demonstrate these features, this article loads existing email messages from disk and accesses their attach ... (see entry for full description)

  • finding g.c.d of multiple numbers

    by rajesh
    12/30/2015 9:52:44 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: C/C++

    This program will find the g.c.d of multiple numbers

  • ASP Razor CodeEngine

    by Xakim
    12/3/2015 12:27:58 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Active Server Pages/VBScript

    in classic ASP not support syntax Razor. for interpret Razor ViewEngine as dynamic code on classic ASP will be Razor CodeEngine allows you to use Razor syntax to build dynamic templates code and dynamic include. WebMatrix MVX framework is use the static Engine class in the Razor CodeEngine. WebMatrix MVX is MVC framework for building dynamic web sites with including the merged MVC, MVP, Web API, Web RPC and Web Pages on syntax Razor.

  • Oracle R12 TCA - by Dinesh Kumar S

    by Dinesh Kumar S
    7/20/2015 1:57:43 PM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: SQL

    Oracle R12 TCA (Trading Community Architecture) - by Dinesh Kumar S In this material i have explained basics of TCA with technical details.

  • DelphiX w. Delphi7 - part 2 - displaying pictures

    by Lrd.Sandman (from psc cd)
    1/2/2015 2:26:00 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: Delphi

    Part 2 of a tutorial on how to make games using DirectX in Delphi.

  • Mysql Database access using PDO

    by Amit Gaur
    11/2/2015 12:18:07 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: PHP

    How to access Mysql Database using PDO: PHP is changing day by day. in old days we were use mysql_connect(...) but now in current days it is not supported. current days we can use mysqli_connect(...). but it is better if we use PDO (PHP Data Object). PHP Data Objects (PDO) is a very lightweight, consistent interface for accessing different types of databases in PHP. for this you simply tell the PDO database driver. by using PDO you use the same functions to issue queries and fetch data in differ ... (see entry for full description)

  • How to Convert a Visio Shape to Other File Formats inside .NET Applications

    by Sherazam
    2/3/2016 8:18:51 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: .Net

    This tutorial shows how .NET developers can convert a Visio shape to 0ther file formats inside .NET applications using Aspose.Diagram for .NET. Aspose.Diagram for .NET API allows developers to convert a single Visio shape to any other supported file format. In this article, we remove all other Visio shapes from the page and customize page setting according to the source Shape size. Developers can convert a Visio shape to PDF, HTML, Image, SVG, and SWF by specifying the Visio save options.

  • Explaining How Different is HTML From JavaScript for Beginners

    by Suha Emma
    11/19/2015 6:47:52 AM
    9/20/2009 10:41:55 AM
    Language: HTML 5 / JavaScript

    Basics for beginners to avoid confusion between HTML and JavaScript..!

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